Recipe: Fruit loaf French toast with persimmon jam and olive oil and thyme ice cream

Delicious decadence is the ultimate weekend brunch day order. And yes, you can probably substitute the jam and ice cream you bought …

Fruit bread French toast with persimmon jam, olive oil and thyme ice cream
For 6 people

Persimmon jam
In addition to the peeled and diced 300g of persimmon, peel the excess and cut into very thin slices.
Caster sugar 150g
1 Mandarin orange, juice, skin

Stir the ingredients in a pan over medium heat until the sugar melts and heat for about 10 minutes until thick. Refrigerate to room temperature and refrigerate until needed.

Ice cream with thyme, mandarin and olive oil
375 ml whole milk
Caster sugar 100g
Brown sugar 55g
43g light corn syrup
Pinch salt
Small bundle of thyme leaves, about 3 tbsp
1 Mandarin orange, skin only
5 egg yolks
375ml pouring cream
65ml South Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a medium-sized pan, slowly heat both sugar, corn syrup, salt, thyme, and tangerine peel milk together. Melt the sugar and infuse the flavor over 10 minutes. Still put it in the pan and set it aside for a little cooling.

In the meantime, bring the yolks to room temperature and whisk with a blender until thick. Pour a small amount of milk into the egg, warm the egg a little, whisk for another 8 minutes and add about half of the milk. Place the eggs in a pan with the rest of the milk and cook over medium heat with constant stirring until the custard is thick enough to cover the wooden spoon. This will take about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and strain the custard. Add cream and olive oil, stir, cover and allow to cool completely for at least 2 hours or overnight. Use an ice cream maker to stir and freeze.

French toast
Lost loaf fruit bread, sliced ​​into 6 slices, 1-2 cm thick
2 big eggs
120ml milk
60ml cream
¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ground
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Unsalted butter 30g

Mix eggs, milk, cream, cinnamon and vanilla. Heat a frying pan over medium to high heat to gently melt and heat half of the butter.

Soak each slice of bread in a mixture of eggs and soak both sides. Place in a pan and cook on both sides until golden. Add the remaining butter as needed and continue.

To assemble

Place persimmon jam, fresh slices of persimmon, and ice cream scoop on warm French toast.

This recipe was first published in the September 2020 issue of SALIFE magazine.

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Place of originRecipe: Fruit loaf French toast with persimmon jam and olive oil and thyme ice cream

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