Rebel Wilson works out in leather catsuit with trainer Gunnar Peterson

An Australian actress working hard on her body showed her results in a catsuit hugging a figure in an Instagram post.

Rebel Wilson continues to look absolutely brilliant in every Instagram post.

Star, who has been losing a lot of weight last year, showed off her trimmed appearance in a sexy black leather catsuit in this week’s Instagram story.

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The photo is from a fitness session she had with trainer Gunner Peterson.

A 40-year-old Australian comic, now based in the United States, said in a clip:

The actress also posted a photo with her trainer and added a yellow hoodie over her clothes.

“Grooming for the gym is the next level of @rebelwilson, just like everything you do!” Gunnar wrote next to the image shared on his Instagram account.

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Peterson has worked with other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara.

Wilson lost 18kg to reach his goal of 75kg, but he also discussed the sad side of it.

While chatting 2Day FM’s new breakfast radio show Hughes, Ed, Erin Recently, rebels have revealed how she is treated differently now that she has lost weight.

Erin Moran asked the comedian: How did it change you as a person? “

“Erin is interesting. I think he looked good in all sizes and was always confident,” the rebels began. “I wasn’t confident, I’m confident now.

“What’s really interesting to me is how others treat you. Sometimes growing up, people didn’t see you twice, and now that I’m in good shape, people I offer to bring my groceries to the car and open the door for you. Is this something that others have been experiencing for a long time? It was really interesting to me. “

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She continued. “I find it interesting that people pay great attention to changes in weight loss when many things are happening in the world.”

Wilson stuck to a rigorous work routine and a rigorous diet to get in shape in 2020.

Fans were primarily supportive of her health review, but in December she revealed that not everyone in the film industry was behind the change.

To Her most candid discussion everWilson sat down on Instagram Live for an hour to discuss her “Year of Health.”

“There were a lot of people in the industry who wanted to stay Fat Amy,” Wilson explained, referring to her character in the movie series. pitch perfect..

“And after all, it’s my life, my body and Hollywood typecast me in a way, but I didn’t want to stay that way.

“It’s sometimes sad that I didn’t fully evaluate myself before all this became healthy.”

Rebel Wilson works out in leather catsuit with trainer Gunnar Peterson Source link Rebel Wilson works out in leather catsuit with trainer Gunnar Peterson

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