Queen prepares to take TV spotlight from Meghan’s Oprah interview

The interview with Megan and Harry Opla will be the first to compete on television with a rare appearance from the Queen. Gloves are officially off.

The Queen has been wearing Cornelia James brand gloves for decades, but this week there may be a pretty $ 280 piece.

Her Majesty is performing what appears to be a spectacular battlefield maneuver in the ongoing Sussex Wing War or the Sussex Variant Revolutionary War, depending on certain trends.

Just a few weeks ago-yes, it feels much longer-the world and Buckingham Palace managed to open up the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess Harry and Megan at the same time through a punch-pleasing CBS press release. I learned. Trying to take their daily sun salutation schedule and Jeff Bezos to Skype with them (I’m guessing) 90-minute TV interview with Oprah Winfrey..

The long sit-in, in which Megan and the millionaire media giant are “participated” only by the prince later in the work, will be the first interview with the couple after leaving the royal family last year.

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The confab aired in the United States on the night of March 7 (or 2:00 pm on March 8 if on the east coast of Australia), saying that a bidding war had already taken place as the international network fought for broadcast riots. It has been reported.

Since then, almost every news article about this frowning event has used the term “explosive,” for good reason.

But welcome to Ring Queen Elizabeth II! Buckingham Palace’s bantamweight Bruiser has hit the scene of Sussex’s golden time overnight by announcing that it will also appear on TV screens on the same day as Sussex.

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You see, March 8th is Commonwealth Day. This is an annual event and features services at Westminster Abbey. X factor The runner-up belted the number of HRHs in the best hats and the Passel.

Last year’s outing happened to be a song by Harry and Megan’s Swan as working members of the royal family. The whole family proved to be equally memorable at the levels of Arctic frost on display between the duo, William and Kate, and the Duchess and Duchess of Cambridge.

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This year, the palace was rewarded with the idea of ​​crushing more than 2,000 people into one big room for a spot of singing and handshaking, so the palace was rewarded last night, instead this year with the Queen’s TV address The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Countess of Wessex also participated on this occasion.

And what is the broadcast date? Why should I ask a weird question – it happens to be the night of March 7th.

So here, the royal and Sussex separate courts face each other on television screens around the world on the same day, at about the same time.

From Harry and Megan’s point of view, the news must have been as popular as the supply of organic kale was replaced by a few kilograms of Costco generic sausages one day after the expiration date.

Still, the California-based Duchess and “H” are unlikely to be excited to have to share the spotlight with Buckingham Palace’s best triers on their big nights.

The Duchess and Duchess are now faced with having to fight for the highest claims in the public interest on the night of the matter, forcing them to share the spotlight with the same bunch of relatives away from the half-world. it was done.

His Majesty’s speech will focus on how clever the federal concept is and highlight the common bond that connects 2.4 billion people around the world in Member States.

We can confidently expect her to explain the idea of ​​harmony, and the whole effort will serve as a reminder of her nearly 70 years of service. Jolly Good Show wife!

For the palace, this Commonwealth Day television outing seems to be a particularly nifty move when the royal family is inextricably linked to division and discord in the minds of the world.

Getting all Windsors to read from Auto Cue and banging on how nifty the Federation is is not only a great show of family unity, but they’re busy getting to work. Is surrounded by Diptyque candles.

This could completely reassure Harry and Megan’s Opla interview, which was reportedly filmed over the last two days.

If a couple trapped in some suitable vast, gray California linen sofa provided us with a story about the injured Bambi’s eyes and how hard it was to be part of the royal family, they would Privileged whispers clog the prime so you just risk encountering the time when all the stores wear me poor.

I’m not saying so. Indeed, they have very serious and real complaints about how the palaces and courtiers treated all their brief royal tenure. In the real world, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still working on the advent of fax.

But for Harry and Megan, it feels like they’ve had a disproportionate amount of time since complaining about their bragging freedom last year. This television interview could ultimately hurt if they did not provide significant new insights or revelations on how badly they were treated on March 7.

The fact that they face an immediate comparison with the royal family only makes their stakes much larger.

If two very different versions of royalty are presented to the world at night-one defined by a dull but stubborn duty, the other defined by a melody llama mixed with perceived fraudulent tired readings. Will-The vast yawning rift between LA and London and the inevitable comparison will be even tougher.

This is also happening whenever the virus kills 121,000 people in the United Kingdom, while the United States is set to pass the tough milestone of 500,000 lives lost in a pandemic. In contrast, isn’t it seemingly catastrophic to be forced to adhere to priorities or not be fully praised by top brass for Instagram’s insights?

It is also worth pausing and confirming the fact that William and Kate are involved in the Queen’s television outing.

Sure, the HRH clutch is there, but everyone says, for example, the Duchess of Cornwall and her two-pack a day file (I think so) are what viewers want to enjoy. Do you really think? ??

(Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to witness the fluffy, awesome engineering feats of Princess Anne’s Teflon, and perhaps industrial-strength hairspray with brilliant behavior.)

The question now is what is the palace’s idea of ​​performing a Federal Day speech on the same night as Sussex says?

on the other hand The· Telegraph This reports that it has resulted in a “timetable coincidence”. Sunday nights can represent a better rating than Monday, which is the actual date of Commonwealth Day. So what conclusions can you draw from the fact that His Majesty’s Special is being broadcast instead? Same night as Harry and Megan’s small screen coup?

Nothing-absolutely-what the royal family does is a coincidence.

The Queen was expected to do something to commemorate Federal Day, but the fact that she dragged her top army to join her is that she Sussexes in their own game. I was able to read it when I undertook.

It’s unfair and sexist, but Kate and Megan have been at odds with each other since Daydot, and their relationship seems to be far more defined by cool neglect than fear of pulling hair. Oh CBS, do you have a charming Duchess and Duchess in front of the camera? Why are we so too!

Perhaps this is a slightly familiar counterprogram by a wise palace, or Sussexes didn’t even consider their thoughts. Plebeians’ considerations and PR tactics simply didn’t go into it, as the Queen is on the battlefield.

no matter. But we have reached this special moment. On March 7th, more royal members will appear on TV screens around the world than ever before. The curtains are pulled back and history is made.

The greatest certainty here is this: we will need popcorn. Damn bat of things at this rate.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

Queen prepares to take TV spotlight from Meghan’s Oprah interview Source link Queen prepares to take TV spotlight from Meghan’s Oprah interview

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