Quarantine-free travel with NSW under a cloud as Sydney man tests positive for COVID-19

“We’ll look at the trips and people he accompanied on the move between the airport and the hotel, but his contact in these settings is basically that people leave with their luggage and get off minivans and buses. Was to help, “she said, adding a man and wearing a mask.

“He has contacts for three households, they have been tested and I expect results to come out in the next hour or so.

“He had symptoms on Saturday and then worked again for a few shifts. [before being tested on Tuesday].. “

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the positive incident was about how the state managed 2000 to 3000 international aviation crew members passing through NSW every week during a pandemic. He said he facilitated the review.

“Probably more discussions will be held within the next 48 hours … but the trend that the NSW government has at this point is that international air crews and airlines will probably need international air crews to come to NSW. It will be. Quarantine in the same way as other foreign visitors and Australians returning to Australia. “

“The difference, of course, is in the quarantine environment, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be 14 days, as there is usually a 24- to 72-hour turnaround.”


Hazard reported that New South Wales is now on the cusp of arrival and is calling on other states to increase the return of Australians.

The Sydney driver is the first locally acquired case in New South Wales since December 3, when a Sydney hotel quarantine cleaner was infected.

The woman’s case was suspected to have been caused by a US aviation crew staying at a hotel while connecting.

In Western Australia, international aviation crew members who stop in Perth must travel directly to the Holiday Inn in Perth in a vehicle provided by their employer for quarantine.

The hotel is not open to the public.

Crew members are only allowed to leave the hotel room and return directly to the airport and must wear a mask.

We asked Western Australian Premier Mark Magawan’s office for comment on Sydney’s new community case.

Previously, WA’s Chief Health Officer allowed the reopening of the state border with New South Wales on December 8, despite a cleaner infection. The follow-up revealed that the virus had not spread to any of her close contacts.

The trigger point required for WA to travel to another state without quarantine is 28 days without locally acquired cases.

Washington currently accepts unquarantine travel in all states and territories except South Australia. South Australia will change on Christmas Day unless there are proceedings in the new region.

Heather McNeill is a senior journalist at WAtoday.

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Place of originQuarantine-free travel with NSW under a cloud as Sydney man tests positive for COVID-19

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