QAnon-supporting US congresswoman-elect ‘proudly’ denounces masks as more coronavirus records smash

On the day of the orientation for the next member of Congress, Republican freshmen who support conspiracy theories caused a turmoil.

Marjorie Taylor Green, Georgia, announced on Friday that people were obliged to wear masks on Capitol Hill’s premises the day after US authorities announced a record 160,000 new cases of coronavirus.

Ms. Green has expressed support for the unfounded far-right QAnon conspiracy theory and support for President Donald Trump’s unproven voter fraud allegations during the election.

“In the first session of our new member orientation, COVID in Congress was taken up. Masks, masks, masks,” she tweeted.

“I proudly told the freshman class that masks are oppressive. At GA, I exercise without masks, shop, go to restaurants, go to work, go to school. My body, “My choice,” she said, adding the #FreeYourFace hashtag.

Mr. Green was photographed wearing a mask decorated with the American flag. From time to time during the orientation, the mask was hanging around her ears and did not cover her face.

Another newly elected Republican member, Madison Corthorn, told reporters that Ms. Green had a “quite fierce” exchange of mask rules with officials.

Marjorie Taylor Green, right, join others for chat during parliamentary orientation

Pool / Shipa USA

After her comment was picked up by CNN, Ms. Green visited Twitter and said she “triggered” the news network.

“It looks like they triggered @mkraju and @CNN at lunch today. It’s fun!” She said in a tweet with a photo of her looking at the network.

The coronavirus has passed Congress and the White House, and in recent months several politicians and members of the Trump administration have tested positive for the virus.

Presidential election Joe Biden publicly called on Americans to wear masks, saying it shouldn’t be a political issue.

Mask wear is largely politicized in the United States, with Mr. Trump refusing to use masks and criticizing Mr. Biden.

The United States has passed more than 10 million coronavirus cases this week. More than 240,000 Americans have died from the virus.

Place of originQAnon-supporting US congresswoman-elect ‘proudly’ denounces masks as more coronavirus records smash

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