Princess Diana’s final words revealed by Xavier Gourmelon after deadly Paris crash

The fire chief spoke for the first time about Princess Diana’s last moment after the deadly crash in Paris and what he did to comfort her.

The fire chief, who first helped Princess Diana after a fatal car accident in Paris, first talked about how Princess Diana turned to him and asked, “What the hell, what’s wrong?” ..

Sgt.Xavier Gourmet Ron said Daily mail When he arrived at the catastrophic accident site in August 1997, Diana was still “moving and talking.”

“She spoke in English and said,’What the hell, what’s wrong?’ I understood that, so I tried to calm it down. I held her hand, “said Sgt Gourmelon, who had never spoken to the press, in a statement to the police.

The· New York post The impact of the underpass collision (estimated at about 105 km / h) has already reported immediate killing of drivers Henri Paul and Diana’s new boyfriend Dodi Fayed.

However, Sergeant Gourmetron recalled that Diana seemed to be physically fine except for her injured shoulder. He didn’t know he was trying to save the princess.

Only after he helped Diana get on the ambulance did he know who she was from the captain on the scene. “He tells me who she is, and yes, I recognize her, but I didn’t at that moment,” he told the outlet.

It was also the first person to help her off-duty doctor Frederick Miles, who came across the scene of the accident on her way home from the party.

“The two (victims) are clearly dead,” he said, while the other two, including Diana’s bodyguard, were “seriously injured but still alive.”

He first helped Mercedes’ “sitting on the back floor” Diana.

“At that time, I found out that she was the most beautiful woman and had no (serious) injuries to her face. She was not bleeding (at that time), but was almost unconscious and had difficulty breathing. “He said. “She looked fine for the first few minutes,” he recalled.

“So I started speaking English to her, I was a doctor, the ambulance was on the way, and everything would be fine,” he said.

He left as soon as the paramedics took over. “So I left the scene without knowing who I was treating,” he said. Mail..

However, the news that it was actually Diana was so shocking that hospital minister Eve Marie Crochard Bosette called many times when asked to attend, thinking it was a prank. I cut it.

But he finally rushed in and remembered seeing her after she was sentenced to death after being covered with a sheet.

“I met her for the first time there,” he told M.ail..

“She was completely intact, with no marks, stains or makeup. Completely natural. And she was a really beautiful woman, as if … you could almost talk to her,” he says. I did.

He immediately thought of her two little sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, he said.

“They would have to wake them up and tell them,’It’s over’ … that’s the worst thing,” he recalled.

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Princess Diana’s final words revealed by Xavier Gourmelon after deadly Paris crash Source link Princess Diana’s final words revealed by Xavier Gourmelon after deadly Paris crash

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