Prince Philip’s death puts the royal family in danger zone

With the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, a long-handed house of iron in the Windsor dynasty, there is a serious leadership gap at the top.

It is unknown when Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich died, or in any of the more than 1000 rooms in Windsor Castle when they last breathed.

However, The world accepts his death One of the things we know with clear conviction is that the Windsor family is about to enter one of the most dangerous times in 104-year history (before that, the Saxe-Coburg Gotha family). was).

Duke, 99, has been in poor health for some time and his death was not over immediately, but the psychological consequences of his death cannot be underestimated.

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The Queen may still be relatively healthy at the age of 94 (she will turn 95 later this month), but the loss of her helpers and constant supporters marks the beginning of the end of the era.

In fact, the level of public sorrow represents to some extent a tacit understanding of His Majesty’s death, the next inevitable tragedy that strikes the royal family.

Whether we like it or not (I vote for “opposition”), Britain and the Commonwealth must confront the reality of the death of a sovereign who has ruled for 69 years.

But when the company, a word coined by Philip himself, is preparing to rest him, both the family and the institution have faced the greatest challenges since the death of Grand Duke Diana of Wales in 1997. I will.

In the public domain, Philip may have become known as a portrait of the Principality, which is prone to rant, but he was a kind of irreverent and cheerful monarch buddy to the reticent Queen, but in private he was a family member. Was the backbone of the family and the executor of the family.

He might have had to take two steps literally and figuratively behind his wife when they left the palace gate, but in the privacy of many of their homes, enacted the law. It was he who defended their bunch of rebellious and rebellious children and grandchildren in a line.

But as age tired him, it was a role he gradually receded, and recent events revealed the yawning of the leadership rift he left behind. The lack of one solid guide hand to run the show after his death can be fatal to the crown.

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Who presides overwhelmingly many people now?

A long time ago in 2019, the royal reaction was largely flawed as Prince Harry, the Duke of Megan, and the Duchess of Sussex became more dissatisfied.

The duo were planned to move to a federal state, potentially South Africa, to become a kind of roving youth ambassador, but what is marked by hindsight is that there seems to be no urgency on the part of the courtiers. Is.

The palace accepted that the status quo at the time wasn’t working for Sussexes, but they didn’t fully understand what the duo were doing in the end.

As a biography of last year’s parent Sussex Find freedom Departing, Harry tried to reveal the details during the couple’s sabbatical in Canada in late 2019, wasting time meeting his grandmother when he returned to England. Eventually they took things in their hands, causing serious damage to the palace and causing a chain reaction of events that are still felt sharply today.

Did Philip, a former outsider in the face of a painful immersion in the royal environment, sympathize more closely with Harry and Megan? Did he, among all people, understand their frustration much more sensitively and work to find a much more agile solution? Did he instinctively understand not only the underlying problem underlying their upset, but also that its characteristic glacier-paced palace is incredibly dangerous?

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Even if the so-called Iron Duke couldn’t avoid the disaster that was Meggit, if this royal cleavage happened 10 years ago, it’s hard to imagine him standing between his grandchildren and granddaughters. Using a US television screen, his relatives instantly unleashed the royal dedication to protecting his life, with both barrels burning.

The recent big fire of PR Oprah Interview with SussexesAnd even before that, their somewhat unfriendly reaction to the deprivation of the official royal role that remained in February was along the fault line of the brothers, how badly the Windsor family has broken in recent years. It reflects the fracture.

Still, in the face of this ever-increasing crisis that has and will continue to cause serious damage to the monarchy, it has become clear that there is a serious yawn, vacuum at the top of the royal family. ..

Without Philip’s authoritarian hands obscuring things or managing fallout, the situation continued to go out of control, putting more stress and almost unthinkable burden on the structure and unity of the royal family. I am.

And that, in turn, has caused havoc in the monarchy and will continue.

Family quarrels and clashes allow anger and resentment of Krakatoa to explode in public, threatening the facility to be nothing more than a spectacular and endlessly entertaining soap opera, and inciting to undermine dignity.

Over the last few years, Windsor’s genuine good works have begun to be overshadowed by their image as a self-centered tough dysfunctional cabal. The royal family has become increasingly regarded as a mere clutch of the ego fighting for the convergence of the ardent press and funding of the Soveringland.

Instead of strengthening the traditional royal roadster of duty and service, there was instead the disgraceful corruption of Prince Andrew and the drama of Meggit. Both carry the risk of embarrassing the royal family and reducing it to an archaic privileged bastion. Cruelty and racism, so very well and so expensive anachronisms, no longer enjoy the gentle acquiescence of the British masses.

The idea of ​​hereditary monarchy will always be more stringent in the 21st century. When Buckingham Palace becomes representative only of soap opera and fights, the project becomes quite difficult.

So will Charles step into this void, and can he actually do so?

He reportedly worked to force his brother to leave public life following Andrew’s blunder in a 2019 BBC interview, but in response to Harry and Megan’s situation. Clearly has many requests.

Or should Prince William step up and become the de facto head slash millennial patriarch? After all, in a poll this week, one in two British people wants the crown to skip Charles altogether, taking over from the Queen when she died. understood. But with Charles, it seems likely that it will go down as much as Cornwall’s wife, Duchess of Camilla, turned his watercolor room into a PETA conference hall. After all, Prince of Wales has been waiting for top jobs for over 70 years.

The current danger is that all the various royal families move steadily to the goodness of the crown by moving in 101 directions and inflating individual HRHs, rather than pulling in a coordinated focused direction. It is to replace it.

In the words of Philip’s beloved Navy, the biggest question Buckingham Palace has to answer in the coming weeks and months is who’s hands are decisively tillered.

Unable to answer it properly, a vast monarchic shipwreck is imminent.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

Prince Philip’s death puts the royal family in danger zone Source link Prince Philip’s death puts the royal family in danger zone

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