Prince Philip’s death: How the Duke made sure Princess Diana was a part of the royal family

Duke made great efforts to ensure that Diana was welcomed by the royal family and tried to help as his marriage to Charles became sour.

When the young Lady Diana Spencer first came to Balmoral Castle as a guest of Prince Charles in the early 80’s, Prince Phillip made great efforts to welcome her.

He realized she was anxious and much more naive than him The choice before my son Sophisticated blonde.

The Queen called Diana “one of us.” Her father, Sir Spencer, was the stable chief of George VI.

For the first year of Queen’s reign He was also her stable chief and provided an important connection between the old and new reigns.

The Spencer family lived near the park house at Sandlingham Estate and often stayed in “big houses.”

Instead of seeing her as a family friend, Philip recognized Diana as a nasty girl. She was clearly overwhelmed by the situation.

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He often sits next to her for a formal dinner in the Balmoral candlelight dining room and is intriguing to her when the Queen Piper appears to play bagpipes and swirl around the table. Gave a wink.

Diana couldn’t think of anything to say to Prince Phillip, but he was always in conversation with her.

He was candid and candid, but never unfriendly. He began writing to her when the relationship between Diana and her eldest son began to break.

And when the princess’s behavior became considered absurd, he asked the queen to be more positive with her daughter-in-law. But she listened to Diana’s worries and did nothing.

Prince phillip He explained to the princess that he knew directly about the difficulty of marrying the royal family and tried to deal with the collapsing marriage.

Their response is recorded in a series of letters revealed during Diana’s death hearing.he Start communication Then, in June 1992, I wrote with her in a letter almost every day.

He suggested that Diana and Charles could work together and listed the common interests they shared. As he admitted, it wasn’t Philip’s style.

“I’m ready to make concessions,” he wrote casually, “I don’t have the talent to be a marriage counselor.”

Diana has always called him “Beloved Pa” and one of her letters to him has begun.

The “form of communication” that Philip called continued until the summer of 1992, with each paying close attention to their polite and polite response.

“I want you to know how much I respect you about the wonderful way you tried to deal with this very difficult family problem,” Diana erupted in a letter dated July 26. did.

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As things got worse, Philip’s mission became more daring. He expressed concern about her bulimia and acknowledged that it could be the cause of some of her behavioral patterns.

He also admitted that she was a good mother, but perhaps she was too possessive of her sons. Diana wasn’t grateful for what she was told, and furiously wrote to friends such as Rosa Monckton and Lucia Frecha de Lima who helped her write the appropriate reply.

He went on to suggest that Diana’s actions might have pushed Charles into the arms of Camilla Parker Bowles.

He began a letter with the following words: I thought the last letter might have gone a little too far. “

Diana admitted that Prince Phillip’s letter was useful at first, but his tone changed as things became more difficult.

The love they once shared turned into mutual disgust and delusions on Diana’s side.

She revealed her fears to designer Roberto Deborik Prince phillip I was planning to kill her.

Deborik repeated this under the oath, pointing to Philip’s photo in the airport lounge and adding, “He wants me to disappear.”

“She hated Prince Phillip,” said another friend, Teddy Forstman, a US billionaire deal maker.

Diana told me that when she saw her at Kensington Palace shortly before her death in 1997, she began to hate Philip.

She warned William and Harry that his actions against his staff were unacceptable and said, “Never yell at anyone like Prince Phillip.”

She thought he was a bully and when the mood took her, she almost certainly claimed that he was dishonest to the Queen.

Diana didn’t reveal if there was evidence to support her claim, but sowing the seeds of suspicion seemed to satisfy her.

In the first serialization of Andrew Morton’s book, things came to mind in June 1992. Diana: The Sunday Times Her True Story..

The Queen and Prince Phillip called for a meeting at Windsor Castle to confront the competing couple.

When Diana tried to be polite to her husband but told them that her efforts had failed, Philip said they should remember their obligations and find a compromise for their children and monarchy. Insisted.

They felt the meeting had made a valuable step forward, and a second summit was arranged for the next day, but Diana did not appear.

All Philip had done so far was to protect the Queen. When he saw Diana’s actions damaging the facility, he refused to keep his feelings on himself.

Perhaps Diana would have acted on his advice if these two strong characters were able to maintain their early relationship.

But sadly, that never happened.

Ingrid Seward is the author of My Husband & I-The Inside Story Of the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70-year Marriage and Editor in Chief of Majesty.

This story was originally published Sun Duplicate here with permission

Prince Philip’s death: How the Duke made sure Princess Diana was a part of the royal family Source link Prince Philip’s death: How the Duke made sure Princess Diana was a part of the royal family

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