Prince Philip death: Scott Morrison pays tribute to Duke of Edinburgh

After news of Prince Phillip’s death, Prime Minister Scott Morrison wrote a moving message to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison sent a moving message to Queen Elizabeth II in response to news of Prince Phillip’s death, praising him as a “solid man” of “honor, service, duty, loyalty.”

Scott Morrison described the news of this loss as a “very sad day” and acknowledged that the Duke of Edinburgh had a lifelong mission and service.

Prince Phillip has been widely praised for his “frankness, unique, powerful and genuine personality”, he said.

“I say goodbye to another great generation because of his death,” the Prime Minister said from Kirribilli House on Saturday morning.

“A generation that has built a liberal world order that opposes tyranny, wins peace, protects and supports freedom.

“But above all, today we are thinking of the Queen.

“Your power Stay, Your Majesty may have passed, Jenny and I pray that you will find great comfort in your faith and in your family at this time. “

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Morrison joined Governor Harley later on Saturday and signed an official condolence letter. Meanwhile, 41 guns commemorate the death of Prince Phillip.

Quoting a passage from Isaiah and the Romans, Morrison prayed that the Queen would “draw great peace and comfort from your deep faith in this time of sorrow.”

“The Duke was a solid man, a man of honor, service, duty, and loyalty. Thank you for his service life,” Morrison wrote.

“Now, let your federation help you and stay. Her Majesty the Queen.”

He previously stated that Australians can pay homage by visiting pmc.gov.au.

“The royal family has demanded that people around the world donate to one of the prince’s many charities and sponsorships if they want to do more to pay homage,” he said. It was.

Morrison said people would see a link to the palace site where there was a list of organizations that people could donate.

According to Morrison, the Anglican Church in Australia will make its own announcement about other memorial services.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese also paid tribute to Prince Phillip and praised his “irregular sense of humor” and its importance to the Australian people.

Albanese said the death of Prince Edinburgh put an end to one of the “most notable and lasting partnerships of our time.”

“The fact that we are blessing while mourning Prince Phillip’s death and a truly wonderful life at least alleviate our sorrow,” said Albanese.

“During his decades dedicated to his Queen, his country, and the Commonwealth, he has also become a permanent part of the story of our country.”

Prince Phillip has been on a regular visit to the Australian coast since 1940, including his famous visit with Queen Elizabeth in 1954 and the hosting of the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956.

Albanese said the Duke of Edinburgh’s award system, in which his own son participated, would be one of the prince’s lasting legacy he had built in Australia.

“Queen Elizabeth often found a way to explain Philip’s complete centrality in her life. Indeed, she once claimed to quote her, and we He said he owed him more debt than he needed to know, “Albanese said.

“On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to His Majesty and the Royal Family.”

At noon London time on Friday, the royal family issued a statement confirming death.

“It is a deep sorrow to announce the death of Her Majesty’s beloved husband, Prince Philip, and Prince Edinburgh.

“His Highness died peacefully at Windsor Castle this morning.

“More announcements will be made in the future.

“The royal family will be with people all over the world to mourn his loss.”

The governor-general, who represents the Queen of Australia, said it was his “solemn and depressing duty” to announce the death to the Australians.

“When we mourn, we must also look back and thank His Highness for his service, dedication, and life of dedication.

“And a commitment to the Commonwealth and hundreds of organizations, including many here in Australia. He was a patron, a passionate advocate and supporter.”

Harley said Prince Phillip had visited Australia 21 times.

“He was a popular, enthusiastic and welcoming visitor to our beach,” said the governor.

“His influence was enormous, especially since it began here in 1959, affecting more than 775,000 young Australians who have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards.

“On behalf of the Australian people, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to His Majesty and his family, the people of the Commonwealth, and all those who share this sad news.”

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Prince Philip death: Scott Morrison pays tribute to Duke of Edinburgh Source link Prince Philip death: Scott Morrison pays tribute to Duke of Edinburgh

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