Prince Philip death: Prince Harry making ‘immediate plans’ to return to UK for funeral, while Meghan Markle’s plans remain unknown

Prince Harry is reportedly preparing to return to England within a few days for Prince Phillip’s funeral.

Prince Harry is “united in sorrow” with his family over Prince Phillip’s death and will return to England for a funeral after a meeting with Prince Charles.

The· Duke of Sussex It is reported that he has an immediate plan to return to the UK.

This is the first time Prince Harry has met him and his family since he. Megan sat with Oprah Winfrey For an explosive interview last month.

Sources Daily mirror What the Duke of Sussex told some members of his family: Prince Phillip’s death yesterday, Including Prince Charles.

Another source told the newspaper that Harry had spoken to his cousins ​​Beatrice and Eugenie and said he would return to England.

Insider said mirror: “He said he wanted to be with everyone and was already preparing to go home.”

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“Harry is likely to be one of the few mourners,” the press conference reported in a private service.

But it’s currently unknown while Harry is ready to return Megan She is reportedly wanting to be with him, but will join him.

Megan, 39, is currently pregnant and is expected to enter late pregnancy and should definitely seek medical advice before embarking on a 12-hour flight from California.

They paid tribute to Harry’s grandfather this afternoon and left a message on Archiwell’s website.

A source close to the family said Daily mail: “Harry will do his best to return to England and stay with his family.

“He only wants to be there for his family, especially his grandmother, during this terrible time.

“Meghan is obviously pregnant, so she needs to get advice from her doctor about whether it’s safe to travel, but I’m sure Harry will go.”

Prince Edinburgh died “peacefully” at Windsor Castle at the age of 99 yesterday after being on the Queen’s side for over 70 years. The royal family is currently in mourning.

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And, according to insiders, Harry is preparing to return with them for the first time since he left the UK last March.

Royal sources New York Post: “Harry was very close to his grandfather.

“Of course, no matter how difficult the relationship between Sussex and his family is, he will be there.”

The body of Prince Edinburgh rests at Windsor Castle before the funeral of the St. George’s Chapel, where Harry and Megan married in 2018.

As the Queen’s spouse, the devoted royal family is entitled to a state funeral, but not a state funeral. This is a decision made before the Duke died.

Instead, he is given a military burial, a private worship service at the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, and a burial at Frogmore Gardens.

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Due to the threat of the coronavirus, the general public is urged to stay away.

The Duke of Edinburgh died just weeks after Megan and Harry had a shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey alleging racism in the royal family.

The couple are famous for quitting their royal duties in March last year in pursuit of “private life” on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Harry has recently been reported to be self-quarantining in a Los Angeles mansion so he can race back if his grandfather’s health deteriorates.

In an interview with Opla, the couple talked about how they approached the Queen despite reports of tension after leaving the company.

And they said they were in close contact with the monarch when Philip was hospitalized earlier this year.

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In an interview with Opla, Megan said: “This morning I woke up earlier than H and saw a note from someone on the British team that Prince Edinburgh went to the hospital.

“But I just picked up the phone and called the Queen just to check in.”

Philip spent a month in the hospital after having an infection earlier this year and had heart surgery.

He was then released last month and taken back to Windsor Castle, where he died tragically yesterday.

Buckingham Palace said it would be “with people all over the world to mourn his loss.”

The palace statement states: “It is a deep sorrow to announce the death of Her Majesty’s beloved husband, Prince Philip, and Prince Edinburgh.

“His Highness died peacefully at Windsor Castle this morning.

“More announcements will be made in the future. The royal family will be with people around the world to mourn his loss.”

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Prince Philip death: Prince Harry making ‘immediate plans’ to return to UK for funeral, while Meghan Markle’s plans remain unknown Source link Prince Philip death: Prince Harry making ‘immediate plans’ to return to UK for funeral, while Meghan Markle’s plans remain unknown

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