Prince Philip death: Funeral means Queen is facing a new Harry nightmare

Buckingham Palace, which confirmed Harry’s return to England for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Phillip, is staring at the PR disaster.

Poor Zan Windsor, Sir Culloden.

The world may not have actually heard of a 14-year-old boy, but his name is suddenly very relevant. Under current British covid restrictions, only 30 people can attend the funeral, and Xan, who is 31st in succession to the throne, is the grandson of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the Queen’s cousin, so the prince’s cut. You will miss it. Philip’s funeral.

The funeral arrangements of Philip (and in fact Queen Charles and Prince Charles) have long been complicatedly planned and planned, even if revised in the last 12 months in the light of the pandemic, but no one predicts. There is one result that could not be done. It caused a reunion of a tortured family involving his grandson, Prince Harry, all of which will be broadcast live.

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Today, the 36-year-old self-exiled royal family is preparing to return to England. He has set foot on British land for the first time since March last year when he and his wife, Duchess of Megan, completed the final round of their official engagement. Before they shave towards sunset to lead a glamorous new life in California. Megan, who will give birth to a second child in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere, will not attend because he has not been granted a “medical permit” for travel.

During the 13 months when Sussexes’ swan song was a period of anguish and turmoil, the fierce relationship between the couple and his family was exposed to considerable tension and the Windsor family was volatile and upset as they entered Caldasia. -The territory of the eccentric soap opera.

In the years and changes since the departure of Prince Harry and Prince Megan, the rest of London’s HRH is cultivated in the game throughout the pandemic, and the endless hustle and bustle of the Sussex story drowns their dull but well-meaning good deeds. I saw it many times.

At that time, public tears, embarrassing pranks by Russian comedians, money bullying, dignified television appearances on the bus, international private jet frit, a series of headline commerce, eyebrows-intervention in the US presidential election , A tragic miscarriage, appearance America’s Got TalentEnded by the release of a juicy psycho-fantic biography, the constant game of transatlantic PR ping-pong, and, of course, their turmoil in a two-hour golden-time television interview that inspired the biggest masses valuing monarchy. Faced in decades.

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And since Harry and Megan prosecuted the royal family on American television in March for ruthless indifference to both the Duchess’ mental health struggle and racism, little has improved.

Things didn’t go well when Harry talked to his father and brother in the wake of Sussex’s explosive prime time. Later, a couple’s friend, Gale King, appeared on television and told the viewer, “The words I was given were that those conversations were not productive.”

(Discretion may be the majority of courage, but not the majority of scaling the greasy poles of US TV ratings.)

Harry’s readiness to reunite with his extended family is contrary to the background of this complaint and accusation. The scene is currently set for a family drama with proportions like William Shakespeare getting a fresh quill, the eyes of the world that two royal factions see as a TV camera. There is no pressure.

The royal family is now facing a nightmare scenario of a gloomy family opportunity surrounded by tabloid frenzy. All body language professionals and lip readings are brought in to scrutinize and analyze all HRH blinks and cramps.

Overnight details about the funeral of the 99-year-old Duke were announced, revealing that Prince Charles and his family would follow the casket.

Both Harry and William can be part of this procession. It is a sad and dignified moment, characterized by the solemnity and remorse needed. But no doubt, all eyes are on the Welsh brothers.

You won’t see them rolling around the squares of Windsor Castle, fists flying, and Savile Row’s suits disastrously muddy, but the dynamics between men keep the world away. You will not be able to do it, you will be fascinated and you will be breathtaking.

All this will come to mind on live television, the funeral will be aired with overnight confirmation.

And that’s very bad news for the company. (Interesting fact: Philip said that he “lived on top of the store” when he lived in Buckingham Palace.)

In the days following the Duke’s death, the masses flooded and, in a sense, seemed to further combine the support behind the British Queen and the royal family. Philip’s funeral is an opportunity for them to stand on a united, cohesive front after the turmoil of the last few years.

Harry’s return after more than a year away unintentionally puts it at risk. His presence can cause something like a media collapse focused on returning to the family and institution.

There is a particularly tragic irony that the death of a man who devoted his life to his wife, country and crown could be hit by tabloid attacks and family psychodrama.

Of course, I suggest that Harry shouldn’t return home from Los Angeles for this sad moment, or that he wants this kind of enthusiastic reaction to his return.

Then there is the question of what the personal consequences of his return may be.

On the other hand, the sadness and loss of this moment may serve as a kind of healing perfume, helping the self-exiled Duke find a way to return to the fold. Maybe this week’s event will serve as a definitive reminder of family power, and forgiveness will be in the order of the day.

Meanwhile, as we learned through Finding Freedom, Opla’s interviews and countless British newspaper reports have allowed the pain and wounds between Harry and William to suffer and transfer over the years. is. The question now is whether their relationship can be rescued.

At a perfectly practical level, Harry should be quarantined on his return for five days. At that point, you must have a negative COVID test to attend the funeral on Saturday. Cousin Princess Eugenie and her family live in Frogmore Cottage at Sussexes. Where will he stay? Mountbatten-Windsors may have more guest bedrooms than the national hotel chain, but who raises his hand to accept the royal Emigré?

For the palace, all of these scenarios are scratching the head, pulling the collar, and sweating.

Again, there is a big problem (isn’t it always there?). That is, this sad moment in the history of the palace can represent a wider shift. This is an occasional bout of unfaithfulness to what the royal brand represents dedication, diligence, and unflagged soap opera and family ugliness.

For the Windsor family, as we faced last week, now is their dissatisfied British spring.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer who has worked for many of Australia’s leading media titles for over 15 years.

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Prince Philip death: Funeral means Queen is facing a new Harry nightmare Source link Prince Philip death: Funeral means Queen is facing a new Harry nightmare

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