Prince Harry took new Silicon Valley BetterUp job for the money

Prince Harry’s recent moves show that he has gone further into the territory of the royal family.

Has he ever used a printer in all of the inevitable questions swirling around the fact that Prince Harry got a job in his new office?

Does he have a concept of how terrible it will be in the microwave MeganIs the tuna leftover caught on the line work? Does he know what level of pen theft is acceptable? – Some we already have a solid answer: what he wears.

Harry has been trying to stop some kind of free statement about Karl Stefanovich’s gender in the last few years, or no one has described online shopping, like the same gray suit with such ubiquity. To him who walked fast on what he saw.

If he and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, haven’t inked somewhere north of the $ 180 million worth of deals in the last 12 months, the kind-hearted soul that has little to do is the GoFundMe page. You may tend to start. Almost.

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But it may just be the time Harry Windsor is heading to Silicon Valley, so liven up his style of games or start with a gray hoodie by the palette.

yesterday The Wall Street Journal Breaking news that the 36-year-old royal family (maybe?) Landed a plum job Better Up Chief Impact Officer, A $ 1 billion coaching and mental health company.

“I’m going to help influence people’s lives,” Harry told a venerable business paper, as the first member of the Windsor family to use “proactive” without any ironic signs. Built history.

A year after Sussexes’ “Crossing Lines” and destructive norms, all of these phrases were inevitably revolved over and over again, making them a bit worn out as 2021 putters. But that doesn’t change the fact that this latest news again constitutes another example of Sussex breaking expectations and norms.

No matter how much the BetterUp marketing team teaches Harry about empowering American white-collar workers to sell this job, let’s be honest here. The Duke does not do this because of his good heart. They would have told us that this was a charity.

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But let’s be honest about what’s probably at the heart of this move.

cash. And it’s potentially a lot.

(((mirror Estimating The gig may be worth somewhere between $ 900,000 and $ 3.6 million.. )

BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux refused to comment on how Prince Harry would be compensated, while saying. journal.. Indeed, if Harry had taken on this role because of his goodness, they would have said, hiding in his bushel that it wasn’t done anywhere west of Idaho.

Whether he’s taking a pay check, whether he’s invested in a company with his own new property, or given shares at a startup (worth $ 2.27 billion), Harry It seems very unlikely that you’re doing this because of the goodness of the idea session of thinking about the blue sky, shaking his whiteboard with his heart and his daily Reiki and his hordes of rounded producers. Because there is a hole in his schedule in between.

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When Harry and Megan first announced their Netflix deal last year, and three months later, when they announced their Spotify content deal, these new and lustrous efforts were just under the umbrella of philanthropy.

The duo, and the army of bright-eyed producers, will mass-produce television series, documentaries, and podcasts aimed at making the world a better place.

It seemed like the perfect solution to the couple’s financial “worries” (learned later). As Harry recently told Oprah Winfrey in a two-hour television interview, He was financially cut off when he left the royal familyThe approximately $ 4 million in funding received from Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall suddenly stopped.

“I can’t do without this because all my moms are left,” Harry told Oprah. The audience could definitely nod at home and be keenly involved in the stress of having to do it for free. The millions of dollars he inherited.

So what is difficult for the Prince of Scrabble to do?

Thankfully, one of the couple’s compassionate companions came to the rescue when he explained to Oprah, “During COVID, a friend’s suggestion was,” How about a streamer (content streaming)? ” ”

“I had never really thought about it before,” Meghan added, creating a history of content.

Harry and Megan could suddenly fund a new life in California, including buying $ 20 million in Montecito real estate and paying back $ 4.2 million to taxpayers who spent renovating Windsor’s house Frogmore Cottage. I did. Something that matches their values.

Their integrity is not compromised. Their bank account was newly swollen.

But Harry’s new tech job is not a natural advance in this.

Dressing up this role in PR speeches and West Coast Pep flummery cannot completely hide the fact that this is not a move driven by pure philanthropy.

Although he has a long and truly impressive track record in advocating mental health issues, BetterUp is a commercial activity with clients such as Hilton, Chevron and Salesforce.

If Harry wanted to focus on mental health, without a lot of charities that would absolutely nause to boost publicity and carry a genuine royal family to help him fill the time. It will not be.

(He doesn’t have to look for The Loveland Foundation, which helps black women and girls access treatment and has been chosen by him and Megan as one of the few nonprofits that the Archewell Foundation has chosen to support.)

For Sussexes, where the brand is all true, why not talk frankly about it? If there is one country in the world that not only understands but praises the financial chutzpah, it must be the United States.

We understand that – really. Sussexes likes and probably needs cash to keep the whole business going like all other taxpayers. Just because you like good money and want more, you don’t lose the ability to make a real difference and help millions of people in an instant.

There is no shame in wanting money or simply asking for money. And it’s certainly not a shame to snuggle up to get a job to bring your family to the fore.

So … why don’t you say that? Why do things continue to shine altruistically?

It’s hard to wonder how all this must feel to the Duke.For most of his life, thanks to the military and monarchy, he was offered accommodation, three square meals, and Wi-Fi strong enough to play wherever he went. Ta Grand Theft Auto.. He didn’t want or had to worry to make sure his basic needs were met.

Money didn’t seem to have been considered in his life until he quit the job he gave him and took the steep step of painfully finding the consequences of his actions. In this case, it meant that he suddenly had to figure out the millions of dollars needed to fund the lives of their family and pay the stubborn guards’ followers.

In this way, in this topsy-filled upside-down world, the third-born man in Succession to the British Throne somehow embodied the American dream. A chance to make a nice dosh graffiti.

Historically, the crossroads of the Queen’s family and explicit commercial efforts have been embarrassing flops.

Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips has helped a Chinese dairy company advertise in 2020, the COVID app’s sister Zara Tindall, who was introduced to UK advertising regulators, or Prince Andrew has been here for the last few years. I’m embarrassed.

(No one is happy that a man who was shy at $ 500,000 a year can afford a $ 33 million Swiss ski chalet.)

Perhaps the real lesson here is that Prince Charles shouldn’t have extinguished the spout so violently and very quickly. Andrew’s ex-wife and current cohabitant, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is looking for living evidence of sneaky depth that can sink when the ex-HRH is in a hurry in need of money.

You may not see us on the Home Shopping Network seeing Harry and Megan chilling juicers to the masses (what Fergie did) or writing a 21st century reboot. Diet with the Duchess What the trio have in common (announced in 1998 by former scandal-prone HRH) is that they need to find a way to support them.

When the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess resigned last year, they promised that “everything they do will continue to maintain His Majesty’s values.”

Now, His Majesty is nothing more than making quick money. In 2017, a Paradise Papers leak revealed that she had invested millions of pounds abroad. It may sound strange, but she actually needs her money (as opposed to the sovereign land cash she got from the government to make a noise in the crown palace and keep the royal machinery running). ..

After all, someone has to pay to heat her private Scottish Bolthole Balmoral 78 bathrooms.

But this is a matter of degree, and this week the dial shook violently towards the dollar.

Consider it here as well, according to the UK The· Telegraph“Harry is expected to appear at corporate events,” he said, forgetting foosball tables and on-demand oat milk latte, and the company’s latest American essentials could become HRH. It creates a situation that was previously unthinkable. Executive.

Jeff Bezos intends to get on the blower soon. With over a million employees and union issues in mind, is there a better way than royal hiring to distract all disgruntled staff?

Who thought of it? Harry and Business are matches played in Wall Street heaven. As long as he remembers not microwave the fish.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

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