Prince Charles visits dad Prince Philip in hospital on Saturday

Prince Charles looked gloomy after visiting his father, Prince Phillip, at the hospital. Visitors are only allowed in “exceptional situations”.

Prince Charles seemed to be showing a tough week of tension for the royal family when he visited his sick father, Prince Phillip, at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London.

The day after Prince Harry and Megan Markle left the hospital, Prince Wales looked gloomy when he was discharged. Permanently quit as a frontline royal family..

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh will be taken to the hospital on Tuesday and will stay there for a few more days.

Previously reported due to strict restrictions on COVID-19. Visitors were banned from the hospital To reduce the risk of viral transmission to already sick patients.

The Queen and other royalty are only allowed to enter during “exceptional situations”.

On Saturday (local time), Prince Charles traveled to London from the High Grove House in Gloucestershire, entered through the back door of the hospital and met the guards. Sun report.

The Prince of Wales looked gloomy with red eyes when he was kicked out after spending 30 minutes in the hospital.

Prince Phillip was told he needed to stay in bed for “rest and observation” after getting sick at Windsor Castle earlier this week.

Relation: Prince Phillip in the hospital as a “precautionary measure”

Prince Phillip has been treated for several illnesses in the same London hospital over the past few years.

It is understood that he was feeling sick for several days before the Royal Doctor ordered him to the hospital as a “precautionary measure”.

He was driven 26 miles from Windsor Castle in his private car and entered the hospital without help.

Visit is the next day Prince Harry and Megan Markle have announced that they have permanently resigned as frontline royalty...

Philip had a virus jab six weeks ago, and his hospitalization is not the result of Covid.

All patients are tested for viruses in their room before admission.

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Duke is accustomed to being surrounded by restrictions almost a year after traveling with a few staff between Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle and Sandlingham.

A team of 24 people will work with a quarantine period, three weeks on and three weeks off, to prevent Covid.

No one needs to wear a mask, but everyone in close contact with the Queen and the Duke has been tested.

Buckingham Palace said it would not provide a continuous commentary on the Duke’s health.

“He was hospitalized for rest and observation, but it continues,” said one spokesman last night.

Philip is now rarely seen in public. He resigned from his official engagement in August 2017 after completing more than 22,000 solo events and thousands of events with Queen.

Philip was a former naval officer, sometimes renowned for his barbaric attitude and humor, and married Elizabeth in 1947, five years before becoming a queen.

He is currently by far the longest-serving spouse of any British monarch.

This article was first published Sun Reissued here with permission

Prince Charles visits dad Prince Philip in hospital on Saturday Source link Prince Charles visits dad Prince Philip in hospital on Saturday

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