Prince Charles shares emotional tribute to Prince Philip in video message

Prince Charles talks about his “loss and sadness” in the first emotional public place after his father’s death.

In an emotional statement, Prince Charles paid tribute to his father, Prince Edinburgh.

Charles said he missed his father “very”, and the Duke “will be very deeply moved” by the overflow of sorrow.

“I wanted to say that my father has done the most notable devoted service to the Queen, my family, and the country, as well as the entire Federation, for the past 70 years,” said Prince Charles. Told. He told ITV News in a video statement from High Grove, Gloucestershire.

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“As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father very much.

“He was a very beloved and acclaimed person. Above all, he was deeply impressed by many other people in the rest of the world and in the Commonwealth. They too lost us. Share and our sorrow.

“My beloved dad was a very special person. Above all, I was surprised by the reaction and emotion he was told about him. From that point of view, our family is deeply grateful for all of that. ..

“It supports us during this particular loss and this particularly sad time. Thank you.”

It was after Prince Charles praised his father’s “amazing achievements” and Princess Anne said, “Life without him would be completely different.” They joined a senior member of the company who lovingly talked about their beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather on Friday night’s broadcast British time. ..

Prince Phillip’s eldest son, Charles, told the BBC that his father “did not happily suffer from fools,” when he was surprised at what he had accomplished on the Queen’s side for 70 years.

He states:

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“I think what he did is an amazing achievement,” said Princess Anne about his important role as a queen. I don’t think the structure in terms of support for the monarchy was designed to deal with spouses.

“And it took me a while to find people who understood that he had the extraordinary experience and skills they had available, but he can also influence him. I found a way. “In many ways [life would be different without him]It’s basic, because in our family it would be completely different without him.

“But from a social point of view, I think he was able to respond to such influential technological changes … but in the end, it’s about people, not technology.”

Prince Edward added to ITV News: “My parents have been very supportive of each other during all these years, all events, and all overseas tours and events.

“You have someone who is confident and smiles about what you probably couldn’t do in public. It’s very important to be able to share it.

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“He was always in control of the interview and could say what others were always dreaming about. He was great. Always absolutely great.

“He had a great sense of humor, but of course it sounds wrong because you can always misunderstand or disagree with something.” But his story Anyone who had the privilege of listening said that it was his humor that went through all the time, and that there was a sparkle in his eyes. “

Prince Harry and Megan Markle also paid tribute to Prince Phillip on Friday.

A note on their Archiwell website set on a dark background states: 1921-2021. “

It adds: “Thank you for your service … you will be greatly missed.”

Buckingham Palace has revealed that Philip’s funeral will be broadcast nationwide on television next week at 12:00 am AEST on Sunday, 12 am, and Charles will lead a procession to the chapel of Windsor Castle.

Shortly after noon on Friday, the Union Flag was hung half-mast outside Buckingham Palace and in public buildings throughout Britain as the world mourned his death.

The 94-year-old queen shared an inspirational photo of Philip in a heartfelt tribute to Philip’s “Power and Guide.” The tragic news of his death hit the Queen hard, and the Duke is widely known as the backbone of the royal family.

The royal family died in less than two months and a day, although it would have been his 100th birthday.

Prince Phillip’s funeral is scheduled for next Saturday, but the general public is urged to avoid the fear of the coronavirus.

The body of Prince Edinburgh rests at Windsor Castle before the funeral of St. George’s Chapel.

The BBC radio station immediately interrupted the broadcast with news of his death and immediately played the national anthem in honor. Devastated mourners gathered at the gates of Buckingham Palace and the royal family created an online condolence.

A plan for the death of Prince Phillip had already been made and was called Operation Forth Bridge.

Britain as a whole is in a state of public mourning, “protected by all,” until the Duke’s funeral.

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Prince Charles shares emotional tribute to Prince Philip in video message Source link Prince Charles shares emotional tribute to Prince Philip in video message

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