Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns reopening Australia’s borders could lead to ‘5000 cases a day’

The Prime Minister issued a rigorous reality check to Australians, hoping that high immunization rates would mean reopening the border.

Scott Morrison confirmed that authorities are cautious, issuing a harsh warning that high rates of vaccination in Australia may not stop the virus if our borders reopen. Monitor the situation in the UK.

The prime minister said today that vaccination prevented serious illness and hospitalization, but warned that it would not eradicate Covid.

This suggests many restrictions, including social distance, hotel quarantine, and in some cases the need to continue wearing masks even after Australia has been vaccinated.

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And he warned that the UK case, where high vaccination rates did not stop hospitalization for new variants, was a real concern.

“Well, at this point, we know that even vaccinated people can get the virus,” he said.

“Vaccination is to prevent you from getting serious illness. An important number going forward is the number of people suffering from serious illness, which we are watching carefully in the UK.

“We can’t understand why the virus isn’t unpredictable because the UK has increased its restrictions because of the increasing hospitalizations for new variants, despite the high levels of vaccination. Impossible. And we learn more about it every day, but equally it changes and it always causes new tensions.

“We must monitor our experiences elsewhere and make decisions to keep Australians safe, life-saving and livelihood-saving.”

Talk in sunriseThe prime minister blamed the proposal for ruining vaccine deployment, focusing on the number of deaths abroad.

“In the United States and the United Kingdom, it was an absolute catastrophe. It didn’t happen in Australia,” he said.

“Yes, we sometimes occur and deal with those outbreaks, but if we have a high vaccination rate, it is a mistake to think that you will not get a case. The UK is the exact opposite. Is approved. “

But he warned that the reopened border would pose a great risk and raised new questions as to whether Australia was on track to lift restrictions in mid-2022.

“The strain is unpredictable, its dispersion and future vaccine effects, and everything else is unpredictable. Once in, it cannot be removed,” he said. sunrise.

“And I’m not going to recklessly exchange places with other countries in the world suffering from the problem of people dying every day. It’s not happening in Australia.

“If you take other measures suggested by others, you have to get used to 5000 cases a day. I don’t think Australians are happy.”

He supported the position of the Prime Minister of New South Wales and said he was not surprised that the state chose not to accept the complete blockade immediately.

“No, I’m not, because it was their determination through this process that we returned to the situation earlier this year, and they did not close the entire city,” he said. today program.

“My family is back in Sydney. I was talking to Jen and the girls last night, and they will do what everyone else in Sydney does.

“But everyone knows to get out of this current situation. We must obey those rules. There is no doubt that the NSW Government will relax these restrictions as much as possible. “

But of nine Today’s show, Host Karl Stefanovich disputed the Prime Minister, considering the fact that the pace of vaccine deployment could cost the next election.

“That’s the last thing in my heart, Karl. I’m just doing everything I can to save lives and livelihoods,” he replied.

“More than 20 people died in the UK yesterday. It’s not happening in Australia, and Australians understand it. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our vaccination programs.

“There was a challenge with the AstraZeneca vaccine for medical advice. We responded and strengthened our vaccination program, so Karl, it’s important for us to work on it. Politics is left to others. I will. “

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns reopening Australia’s borders could lead to ‘5000 cases a day’ Source link Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns reopening Australia’s borders could lead to ‘5000 cases a day’

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