Police release firearm owner details in data breach

Firearm owners in the Morton police area in northern Brisbane, headquartered in Caboolture, including Woodford, Kilcoy, and Bribie Island, received an email from the Queensland Police Service yesterday with the subject “Weapon Audit.”


It was described as a “friendly reminder of the obligation to properly store weapons under the Weapons Act” after “many invasions and invasions into the Morton police district where a significant number of guns were stolen.” ..

However, the email contained the email addresses of all 500 recipients, the addresses of the firearm owners, and other information that could be used to calculate the details.

Police then asked the firearm owner to delete the first email and sent another email apologizing for the error.

“Dear recipient, earlier today, from the Caboolture Police Security Unit, the overall strategy of sharing information and ensuring that weapons are optimally maintained and in compliance with weapons licensing requirements. An email was sent to many individuals with. Unfortunately, I got an error that the individual email address was displayed in the email, “district officer John Haram said in a second email. I am writing in.

He didn’t write a previous email.

Haram asked the firearms owner to delete the previous email and provided details on how to file a privacy complaint.

“The current situation, whether by chance or not, now puts each of these firearm owners at risk,” the National Shooting Council said.

Shooters Union Australia said it had asked Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan to investigate the breach.

Place of originPolice release firearm owner details in data breach

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