Police questioned Princes Charles over plot to kill Princess Diana

A former London police chief said he had questioned Prince Charles’ allegations of attempting to kill Princess Diana of Wales.

Prince Charles was questioned by the former chief of Scotland Yard about the barbaric theory he was plotting to kill Princess Diana.

Two years before her death, she wrote a special note saying she believed her husband at the time was planning to drive her away in a gradual car accident.

At that time, she and Charles were not divorced, but separated.

In a memo, Diana predicted that she would die of “brake failure and serious head injury.” Daily mail Report.

And the princess allegedly made a quirky claim that she would be killed so that Charles could marry his son’s ex-nanny Tiggy Leg Burke.

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Diana reportedly fell in love with the false idea that her husband and Tiggy were having an affair. This is a false allegation that the young nanny is terribly upset.

Elsewhere in the memo, Diana is said to have said, “Camilla is nothing but a decoy.”

Scotland Yard’s former chief, Sir Stevens, first told Prince Charles how he asked him in December 2005.

An amazing interview took place in the secret cloak of St. James’s Palace.

This was part of a three-year investigation into Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

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Sir Stevens said he couldn’t explain why his ex-wife wrote a note in October 1995 before leaving him in the pantry of Kensington Palace for Butler Paul Burrell.

He told police he didn’t even know the memo existed until some of it was published in the newspaper.

Two years after the memo was written, Diana – only 36 at the time – with boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. All killed When their Mercedes crashed in a tunnel in Paris.

Sir Stevens suggested Martin Bashir Panorama interview In November 1995, she may have been preying on Diana’s vulnerability, fearing she could be harmed.

“I don’t know what Bashir was saying to Diana,” he told the paper.

“But if he had in her mind the fear that caused her to write the note, it caused us to interview Charles.”

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The BBC fell into crisis last month after it was discovered that seniors were hiding Bashir’s lies when he secured an interview.

A terrible investigation revealed that he forged a bank statement and spun a story to win the trust of a vulnerable princess.

An independent investigation by former judge Sir Dyson found that BBC News at the time and current boss Sir Tony Hall and other executives were concerned about how Bashir put the scoop in a bag in 1995. I concluded that I painted white.

Sir Stevens said he deeply regrets the police not interviewing a fraudulent reporter.

“If Bashir had alleged that Princess Diana had created a counterfeit document, it was a criminal offense and we would have investigated it,” he said.

“My goodness, we would have done it, but this was just announced recently and it’s a shame.”

He said he had no doubts about Charles’ statement, adding that “after all, he was incredibly supportive because he had nothing to hide.”

Coroners said Diana was “illegally” killed because of other vehicles and Mercedes’ “terribly negligent driving.”

Paul reportedly had more than three times the drunk driving restrictions in France and was also taking antidepressants.

The only survivor of the crash was Diana’s British bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones. He is believed to have been the only passenger wearing a seatbelt.

This article was originally published Sun Reproduced with permission

Police questioned Princes Charles over plot to kill Princess Diana Source link Police questioned Princes Charles over plot to kill Princess Diana

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