Police arrest man after shocking murder of London schoolteacher Sabina Nessa

The death of his beloved English teacher, Sabina Nessa, caused a flood of sadness and frustration over the violence on the streets of London.

A 38-year-old man was arrested at his address in Lewisham, southern London, on suspicion of murdering British school teacher Sabina Nessa.

Police believe that a “good” teacher who helped non-English speakers improve their language skills was charged in September 2021 after leaving home to meet a friend in a pub.

A 28-year-old child was found hidden under a mountain of leaves by a dog pedestrian at Kato Park in Kidbrook, southeast. London..

police Sabina believes she was attacked on Friday, September 17, 2021 at 8:30 pm. The park seems to be full of joggers and dog pedestrians.

The journey should have taken five minutes, but Sabina never arrived at the pub and is believed to have been killed while walking in the park.

“We look carefully at these images to anyone, especially those in the wider areas of Kidbrooke, Lewisham and Greenwich, to see who this guy is or have met him recently. I’ll ask you to confirm, “said Neil John, the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Police Department.

“Information about his identity and whereabouts may be essential to our investigation, so we ask you to share this image widely so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.”

“She was attacked on her way home, and she 5 minutes walk from here “Her usual route she’s taken in the past few weeks she’s been working from school to home,” her cousin Zubel Ahmed told ITV News.

“She was going to see her family on the weekend, but … unfortunately she couldn’t even meet again at the end.”

Zubel paid homage He described her as “the sweetest person” to his cousin.

He said the devastated family couldn’t understand how “someone could do this.”

Zubel added: It’s the worst way for someone to go.

“The shock didn’t sink. She was a beautiful, kind and compassionate soul.

“Sorry. Mom and dad are absolutely devastated. We have no meaning. We don’t know why she was taken away from us.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Sabina, with whom she lived, revealed that she no longer felt safe in the area.

Cohabitant with a broken heartSaid I didn’t want to be named Parents: “I never thought this would happen to her.”

“I was sending her a text message, but it’s not like she doesn’t reply to my message,” she said.

“I don’t feel safe to live here now.”

Candlelight vigil for “great” teachers

Hundreds of people attended this week’s Candlelight Vigil for “excellent” teachers in London.

A large photo of her proudly laughing in her graduation gown stood in the square. Her sorrowful family sat nearby and cried when the darkness fell.

Sabina’s sister, Jebina, wept when she paid an emotional compliment.

“We have lost an amazing, compassionate, beautiful sister who left this world too early,” she said.

“Sabina loved her family. I feel like I’m stuck in a bad dream. Our world has shattered. The family experiences what our family is experiencing. Shouldn’t be. She didn’t have her 29th birthday next month. “

Sabina’s family condolences from the Duchess of Cambridge this morning and tweeted her sympathy from her official royal account.

“What do we blame?”

In addition to the spill of sorrow, Sabina’s death reminded the British of the dangers women face.

Virus Twitter post Shared over 19,000 times, freelance journalist Helena Wadia is also targeting those who blame the victims.

“Sabina Nessa was in a public place, surrounded by people, not late at night. So what do you do? What do we blame now?” Wadia asked.

“We continue to push the message that women will not be attacked or killed if they follow certain’rules’. This message has proven to be wrong many times, as women are not even safe in their own homes. “

She said it was a “male violence issue” rather than a “female safety issue.”


Friday, September 17 – Sabina leaves Astell Road’s home to meet a friend. Sabina has not been reported missing by anyone after not appearing in the bar.

Saturday, September 18 – Her body was found 200 yards away from her home. A man in his 40s was arrested on murder charges and released during an investigation.

Monday, September 20 – Postmortem examinations at Greenwich’s morgue revealed that the cause of Sabina’s death was not definitive.

Thursday, September 23 – Officers express concern that another attack by her murderer “may occur.”

Friday, September 24 – Police arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of murdering a young woman. They revealed that they were looking for a second man and a silver car.

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at first Police arrest man on suspicion of killing London teacher Sabina Nessa

Police arrest man after shocking murder of London schoolteacher Sabina Nessa Source link Police arrest man after shocking murder of London schoolteacher Sabina Nessa

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