Pinkett-Smith family take part in vaginal steaming session on Red Table Talks

The Pinkett Smith family is notorious for being open about private life, but now takes things to another level with a very unconventional bond session.

There are no off-limits topics for Pinkett-Smiths and its Red Table.

Things got a little sultry this week as Jada, her mother (Gummy) and her daughter Willow participated in a joint vaginal steam session on the camera.

Steam session started episode Focused on health and health conversations..

The group was a little worried about what to expect when they wore satin gowns and submerged in individual steam tubs.

“How do you feel sitting here?” Jada asked.

“There is definitely a lot of warmth,” Willow replied.

“Yeah. This is exactly the action of the true Queen’s throne here. This is what I love,” continued Jade.

“Steaming is an ancient practice that began in Asia and Africa and was originally used to purify itself after menstruation … I read somewhere that vaginal vapor is like an aphrodisiac. There are times, “she explained.

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Jada and Gummy talked about how it’s still “taboo” for their generation to discuss their vagina. When asked if her generation was openly talking about their vagina, 20-year-old Willow replied, “100 percent because we’re trying to understand it.”

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Queen Ahua, a world-renowned Jada healer for over 30 years, also appeared in this episode, sharing tools for stress, sex, diet, and overall health and well-being.

Willow Smith recently Revealed that she is polyamory In the episode of Red Table Talk.

The musician told his mother Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrian “Gummy” Banfield Norris: Everyone around you says it’s the right thing to do. “

Willow discussed her life of love and admitted to her family that “I am the only polyamory person in my group of friends and have the least sex.”

“Also, doing polyamory research, monogamous relationships, or the main reasons for marriage and divorce are unfaithful,” Star added.

Last year, a 49-year-old mother, who confessed her “entanglement” in extramarital relations and became a hot topic, supported her daughter.

“When you were like’Hey, this is my descent’, I was like’I get it completely’,” said Pinkett Smith.

Pinkett-Smith family take part in vaginal steaming session on Red Table Talks Source link Pinkett-Smith family take part in vaginal steaming session on Red Table Talks

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