Piers Morgan Slams Boris Johnson’s Apology As UK Death Toll Reaches 100,000

Piers Morgan has dismissed Boris Johnson’s public apology for those who lost their loved ones at COVID-19 after Britain’s death toll exceeded 100,000.

During the Wednesday edition of Good Morning Britain, Pierce and co-presenter Susanna Reed commented on the Prime Minister’s public address the night before.We deeply apologize for the loss of all lives. “

“As a result of the pandemic, we have done everything we can to minimize the country’s suffering and loss of life,” Johnson added. This is to minimize the lives lost as we move forward. “

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Boris Johnson

The next morning, Pierce told GMB viewers:I’m sorry, Prime Minister. He’s really sorry, he bowed down and said everything right.

“And empathy is okay, I’m all for the empathetic leader, but what is he sorry for? Is he sorry for any of the actions he took? And what he said Judging from, that’s not the case. He’s really sorry about what he did. “

Quoting the Prime Minister, Pierce said: “” We did everything we could … and we keep doing everything we can. ” It doesn’t admit that he did something wrong, but the obvious conclusion from this horrifying milestone is that he did a lot of wrong things. And I would like to start hearing this government admit it. “

The pair then began to list the shortcomings of the government in the pandemic, Susanna said:[We were] Late to blockade, did not ban mass gatherings, we were late for PPE … “


Piers Morgan and Susanna Reed during Good Morning Britain on Wednesday

“We prepared for the flu epidemic,” Piers continued. “We pursued herd immunity, because that’s what you do with the flu, but that was the wrong strategy. Then we abandoned it.

“There was a test system that didn’t work. The lack of PPE killed 800 healthcare workers.

“What did we do during the summer? There was Eat Out To Help Out, what did it do? It excited the virus again. Millions of people were all in small places. It was packed. “

Susanna added: “I ignored the advice on circuit breakers and was late for the blockade in November. This wasn’t a very strict blockade.

“And at the end of November, the government announced that Christmas was coming. We were all able to have a big party.”

Pierce agreed, “five days.” “This didn’t make sense to anyone. Without testing … how could it make sense? It wasn’t.

“Then new variants will come out. And instead of learning all the lessons from the late blockade earlier this year and blocking it immediately to curb it … we just ran it around for a week. Two weeks. Eventually locked down in early January. By that time it was everywhere. And now there are 1500, 1600 and 1700 deaths recorded daily. “

The pierced earrings added: “Boris Johnson is too late and dithering too much, unpleasantly enthusiastic, and I hear too many idiots telling him in my ears. This virus, we are all us Continues to live a normal life. “

Throughout the pandemic, Pierce won praise by having the government minister explain the interview. As a result, there was a period of more than 200 days when no MP appeared in Good Morning Britain.

The split presenter, one of the most noisy critics of the government these days, voted for Boris Johnson in the 2019 general election, saying the Conservatives felt most likely to make a difference in Brexit. did.

“I voted for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party.” He told LBC.. “Neither is much loved, but I was furious at not respecting the results of the referendum, as I revealed about Good Morning Britain over the last three years.

“I voted for Remain and again for Remain. I’m not a big fan of Brexit. But I’m a big fan of democracy. And to me, Boris Johnson respects democracy and 1740 It was the only major party candidate who offered to respect the fact that everyone voted to leave the European Union. “

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