Pfizer preferred vaccine for under 50s

Brendan Murphy, Executive Director of the Ministry of Health, said that after the revision of the advice on AstraZeneca vaccine related to blood clots, healthcare workers under the age of 50 will be “prioritized” to receive the Pfizer vaccine. “Given that this syndrome appears to occur primarily in young people who are not at very high risk for severe COVID-19, with due care, we now make favorable recommendations for them. “We continue to be vulnerable to Phase 1 almost as it is. People over the age of 70 and 80 continue to accept AstraZeneca into the GP and its effectiveness. And we are confident in our safety. ”For healthcare professionals under the age of 50, Pfizer will become a priority and certain phases of 1B may be delayed. But that’s the only thing that can be delayed. ”

Place of originPfizer preferred vaccine for under 50s

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