People Eating More Dairy Fat Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds

Surprisingly, we found that people who consume a lot of milk fat, such as cheese, whole milk, yogurt, and real butter, have a lower risk of heart disease than those who eat less. According to a new study of the world’s largest consumers

Studies have found that the world’s largest consumers of milk fat have a low risk of heart disease

For years, you may have heard that you need to avoid butter and eat margarine, or eat low-fat or skim milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, etc. to improve your heart health. Maybe.

But new research has seemingly found the opposite. Researchers surveyed a large group of 60-year-olds (4,150 people) in Sweden, the world’s largest consumer of milk fat. Researchers followed participants for an average of 16 years, observing heart events such as serious cardiovascular events, heart attacks, strokes, and deaths.

In addition, the researchers combined the Swedish results with 17 other studies of approximately 43,000 people from the United States, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. CNN health Report.

The study was published in the journal PLOS medicine..

Surprising results: high dairy products, low cardiovascular risk

What the researchers found was essentially the opposite of what had been advertised for years that people should have low consumption.thick When it comes to eating dairy-based foods, the result is a large amount of low-fat, “heart-healthy” dairy products on store shelves.

Researchers have found that subjects with high levels of fatty acids, which indicate high milk fat intake, have the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease and no increased risk of death from all causes. bottom.

“While the findings may be partially influenced by factors other than milk fat, our study does not suggest harm to milk fat itself,” said the co-author of the paper. Matti Marklund, Principal Researcher at the George Global Health Institute, wrote in a statement in Sydney. “We have found that the highest levels of people actually have the lowest risk of CVD (cardiovascular disease). These relationships are very interesting, but they are perfect for the health of milk fat and dairy products. Further research is needed to better understand the impacts. “

Reducing milk fat or avoiding dairy products altogether may not be the best choice, dairy products are rich in nutrients

The lead author of this study promoted the nutrients that dairy products provide and emphasized that certain types and their benefits need to be considered when consuming dairy products.

“Increased evidence suggests that the health effects of dairy products may depend on types such as cheese, yogurt, milk and butter rather than fat content. Health.” rice field. Cathy Triu, lead author of the study and researcher at the George Institute, said in a statement. “Our research suggests that reducing fat in dairy products or avoiding dairy products altogether may not be the best choice for heart health.”

“It’s important to remember that dairy products can be rich in saturated fats, but they are also rich in many other nutrients and can be part of a healthy diet.” Trieu added. “But other fats, such as those found in seafood, nuts and non-tropical vegetable oils, have greater health benefits than dairy fats.”

People Eating More Dairy Fat Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds Source link People Eating More Dairy Fat Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds

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