Oxair addresses global oxygen supply shortage

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increases in many parts of the world, concerns about the world’s oxygen supply are increasing. Oxygen supply in hospitals is a ration system, and in some cases there is a risk of shortage.1,2,3

Correspondingly, advanced gas process system manufacturers Oxair Disseminates information about potential shortages of off-the-shelf solutions. It is an oxygen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system.

Oxair’s manufacturing facilities in both Australia and India can process orders for ready-to-use standalone Oxygen PSA units in approximately 8-10 weeks, subject to local blockade laws or travel restrictions.

Robust devices are designed to provide consistent, high-purity oxygen to remote hospitals and medical facilities. The Plug and Play system provides a lasting flow of high quality oxygen and can plumb oxygen to all departments around the hospital if needed. The output pressure is 4 bar and the flow rate meets the needs of the hospital. If the hospital does not have a central plumbing system, Oxair offers a cylinder filling system. It has been reported to be a very cost-effective and hygienic alternative to cylinders.

The system supplies oxygen with a purity of 94-95% by PSA filtration, the process of separating oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank for direct on-demand use by the end user.

“We are ready to boost our supply and to support our healthcare services by providing this life-saving oxygen device where we need it during and after the current coronavirus crisis. You’re ready to do whatever you need, “said David Cheeseman of Oxair. “Designing these PSA systems as’plug and play’means that they are literally ready to go live at the voltage of the country of delivery as soon as they are delivered and plugged in. I will. As a result, hospitals can rely on technology that has been tried and tested over the years, coupled with near-instantaneous access to critical oxygen supplies. “



Image courtesy of Oxair

Oxair addresses global oxygen supply shortage Source link Oxair addresses global oxygen supply shortage

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