OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Batteries Review

Who is the OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery for?

  • The· OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Great for Xbox or PC gamers using an Xbox controller
  • The power swap kit includes two rechargeable batteries so you won’t run out of juice.
  • The power swap kit comes with cages for both the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Series X | S controller.

The Xbox controller is the last major game controller that uses a battery instead of a built-in rechargeable battery. This was the first company OtterBox saw while considering entering the gaming hardware space. OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit.. This kit is a great way to enjoy your Xbox controller without worrying about the battery.

Easy installation

Surprisingly OtterBox Power Swap Rechargeable Battery Kit Requires a very minor installation. Unlike other rechargeable batteries used in Xbox controllers that simply plug into the battery compartment, power swap batteries use a type of plastic cage to hold them. This cage pops into the controller’s battery compartment, an amazing feature I’ll explain later.

The power swap cage snaps into the battery compartment of your Xbox controller

Once the cage is in place, simply insert one of the two batteries into the cage. This is easy to do and the battery will hold firmly when inserted. To remove the battery, simply press the button on the top of the battery and it will pop out immediately. The battery compartment cage can also be easily removed for use with another controller if desired.The good thing is Power swap kit Due to the slightly different design, cages for the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Series X | S controller are included.

Power swap cage after installation

Is Power swap Battery Charger Dock, which must be connected via a USB-C cable. To charge the battery, simply drop it into one of the two slots on the dock. The battery light indicates that the battery is ready to be used again.

user friendly

The· OtterBox Power Swap Rechargeable Battery Kit There is no other ease of use. When the battery is fully charged, the LED light on the battery will turn bright green. When you’re ready, simply drop the battery on the back of your Xbox controller with a power swap cage. The controller works fine as if it had a normal battery in it. You don’t have to worry about syncing anything or disconnecting your controller.

The button on the top of the battery is used to release the battery from the controller, and the USB port can be used for direct charging

Speaking of disconnecting the controller Power swap Special features are installed on the cage. It has its own battery power and can run the controller for about 30 seconds. This means that if you run out of battery while playing an online game or during a fierce battle, you still have time to put in a second battery before the controller actually runs out of power and dies and interrupts play. There is. It also means that replacing the two batteries will not interrupt playback.

Battery in Power Swap Charger Dock

There are two ways to check your battery level. OtterBox Power Swap Battery.. The first is to press the button on the back of the battery. This button lights an LED that indicates that general power is left. The second is when the battery starts to run low. If there is 10 minutes left to charge, another LED will shine a red light on the person holding the controller. When that time is 5 minutes left, the LED will start blinking. This is great for paying attention to the player without much reliance on the 30 second grace period after the battery is completely dead.

When the battery is almost dead, the red LED will start blinking

Decent performance

each Power swap Each battery is said to provide about 10 hours of charging. In my experience, the battery seemed to run out of power at a fairly constant pace. I wasn’t running the stopwatch correctly, but I felt the battery wasn’t always fully up to 10 hours. You might leave the controller on while watching the show, but it will still turn off automatically after about 15 minutes. Anyway, it contains two batteries, so even if it’s not fully used for 10 hours, there’s a second battery that jumps when one dies.

Take a closer look at the controller’s power swap battery

The· Power swap battery Charges fairly quickly in the dock. Again, I didn’t measure the time it took for the battery to fully charge after it ran out, but it’s probably about two hours. If the dock is too big or you don’t need it, you can also charge each battery directly via a USB-C cable.

Final idea

The· OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit It’s a great way to never need AA batteries for your game again. The OtterBox battery is easy to put in and take out and provides a decent amount of power. The battery cage allows the controller to survive if the battery runs out or is replaced.

Although it looks like Power swap Batteries, as they say, do not always provide full 10 hours of power. This isn’t a big deal as the kit includes two batteries. I always charged one battery and made it ready to use as soon as the other battery ran out.

For about $ 60 OtterBox Power Swap Kit A little more than most other rechargeable battery options for Xbox controllers. However, this price is a bit justified because it includes two batteries and additional features such as a battery warning indicator and continuous power supply when replacing the battery.

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