One half of pop duo The Veronicas selling Brisbane home

Australian pop star sisters The Veronicas Jess and Lisa Oriliasso will perform before the finals of the ATP Cup tennis tournament in Sydney begin. Image: AAP / Craig Golding.

Half of the pop duo, The Veronicas sells Brisbane townhouses, where Australian song sensations have been repeated many times over the last 12 years.

Speak exclusively to Courier-mailLisa Origliasso said, “I’m weeping and nostalgic,” thinking of saying goodbye to the three-story property that has functioned as Australia’s home.

“It was my hometown,” said Oriliasso.

This townhouse on 22/7 Boyd Street in Bowen Hills is for sale. Image provided by Place Ascot.

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“Here in Australia, I’ve been flying frequently between tours in the US and Europe for the last 12 years, so this was my base.

“I lived with Mummy and Jesse, so I have a lot of really beautiful memories.”

The view of the city from the townhouse is impressive. Image provided by Place Ascot.

Popstar, who had just finished recording his new album with his sister, said that “a lot of music” was being made in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom property.

“We are Brissy girls and the best Brissy offers,” she said.

“It’s in a great location. Right next to Gasworks, the Bowwen Hills theater is down the road, within walking distance of the city, and I often go to gigs from there when playing in the valley. did.”

The kitchen is open plan and is located on the 2nd floor of the property. Image provided by Place Ascot.

Oriliasso said she and her husband “leave our options open” when it comes to where to buy next, but hinted at a change in the tree.

“For us, we are thinking about the next stage of life,” she said.

“We are very enthusiastic about living away from the land and want a little more land. Sustainable living, dirty hands, vegetable fields, maybe a place where you can concentrate on some huts, so than the unit Also needs a little more land.

“Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay. We have the best anywhere in the world!”

One of the three bedrooms in the townhouse. Image provided by Place Ascot.

John Allen – Ascot of Place Estate Agents sells properties scheduled for auction on March 20th.

Allen, who is also a friend of Oriliasso, said that townhouses, especially those within the complex, are in strong demand.

“(Lisa) called me and asked me what I thought about the market,” Allen said.

“I told her at any time in the last five years that now is the best time to sell in what we’ve seen and she should take advantage of it.

The kitchen leads to a fun outdoor courtyard. Image provided by Place Ascot.

“The townhouse market is in turmoil. After COVID, I think everyone wants a little more space and privacy, so they’re looking for a townhouse as a great alternative to homes and units. And there is no lawn to mow! “

Allen said the townhouse was “huge” downstairs, with a garage for two cars and space for a media room or recording studio.

On the second floor, there is an open-plan kitchen, a living and dining area leading to an outdoor entertainment space, and a Juliet balcony with city and river views.

Townhouses are in high demand in the city center of Brisbane. Image provided by Place Ascot.

On the second floor, all three bedrooms have balconies with city views.

Ms. Oriliasso spends more time with her sick mother, despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing her view of life and having to cancel her busy live show schedule. I said that I was able to do it.

The Veronicas, Jessica and Lisa Oriliasso are working on a new album. Photo: Attached / Channel 9.

“I’m lucky to be here in Australia right now,” said Oriliasso. “We feel very fortunate to be here. It really re-evaluates what is important in life.

“We are spending more time with mummies in palliative care. She is an incredibly strong woman and we love her every day. She experiences It is immeasurable to be there. ”

Jessica, Lisa Oriliasso and her mother Colleen. Photo: Instagram / @ jessicaveronica

Place of originOne half of pop duo The Veronicas selling Brisbane home

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