Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds finale on the ABC expected to smash TV ratings

The ABC-hit surprise rating ends tonight after pulling the Australian Heartstring every Tuesday for the past few weeks.

The most refreshing and healthy reality show on television ends tonight after viewers have sobbed openly every Tuesday for the past few weeks.

ABC season 2 4-year-old home for the elderly From the beginning of April, he flocked to Twitter, sang praises, and thought about the moving scenes, and his heart was shaken.

The series has also defeated both with an intriguing twist on reality TV landscapes in recent months. big Brother And chef By evaluation.

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The charm of adorable seniors and adorable children has certainly proven to be strong. The show’s Season 2 Premiere is Australia’s second most acclaimed non-news / current affairs show, premiered on Tuesday, April 6th. love at first sight To nine.

At the end of last month it continued to be defeated big Brother Seven (881,000 nationwide) and Ten’s struggle Master Chef Australia (790,000) at 888,000.

But the proof is that Twitter is full of emotions every week, which some viewers describe as a “big and warm hug.”

The award-winning series was originally created for Channel 4 in the UK and was a huge hit over two seasons.

In the first season Australia met 11 residents and 10 preschoolers in a retired villageGathered for daily activities to see if unity of men and women of all ages could improve the health and well-being of older people.

This season we took the opposite approach and created a new group of older Australians. Many of them were widowed, spending time alone in their retirement homes and joining cheerful four-year-olds in their own kindergarten.

The experiment was successful, and some called for it to be rolled out nationwide, taking into account the impact it had on older participants.

Season 2 of the intergenerational experiment, narrated by Annabel Club, ends tonight with big fans of the Costa Georgiadis show.

Costa is the host of ABC Gardening australia And the usual characters of the children’s show Get a dirty TV.

You can watch the final episode of the 4-year-old home for the elderly at 8:30 pm tonight on ABC and ABCiview.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds finale on the ABC expected to smash TV ratings Source link Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds finale on the ABC expected to smash TV ratings

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