Oklahoma Football Player Spencer Jones Nearly Loses Eye In Brutal Bar Fight: Lawyer


Bar scuffle college football player

A viral video of Barfight, in which a football player at the University of Oklahoma broke his eye socket, and three other men were circulated on Tuesday, and authorities considered whether to sue.

Spencer Jones, a place-kick holder and wide receiver for Snurs, filed a complaint with Norman police last week for assault and assault at midnight on Valentine’s Day. No arrests have been made. Both sides accuse the other of starting it. The Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office told the HuffPost on Tuesday that it was waiting for an investigation report.

A clip posted by Old Row Oklahoma begins with a standoff between fellow Jones (black hair, black jacket) and two other men in the Logies bathroom in the corner bar near the college football stadium. I will. After Jones’s friend pushes the man in front of him, he hits Jones and eventually wrestles him on the floor with a strangler fig. Meanwhile, a second man in a black beanie defeats Jones’ friend.

Woody Glass, Jones’ lawyer, told the Campus newspaper Oklahoma Daily “Fortunately, he didn’t lose his eyes completely,” Jones said after undergoing surgery to reconstruct his left orbit on February 16.

Glass said his client was “trying to be a peacekeeper.”

But one of the other men he said he was involved with, Braden Brown (black beanie), stepped into social media and wrote that Jones and his friends had left Brown and his brother.Unfortunately there are no options.. “

“We showed restraint,” Brown wrote. He and his brother said they were trained in mixed martial arts.

Police officers were not notified of the fighting until February 16, two days after the fighting, according to a police report shared with the HuffPost on Tuesday. The detective called Jones and said that “all parties” had been identified.

A university spokesman told the HuffPost that the school had no additional information and Jones’ lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jones, a selection of the Big 12 All-Academic First Team, won the somewhat joke-like Motel Holder of the Year Awards last season and posted a joke video about its honor.

Place of originOklahoma Football Player Spencer Jones Nearly Loses Eye In Brutal Bar Fight: Lawyer

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