OK, it’s not a race. Let’s just call it a competition for the harshest lockdown

Perhaps they need to rename the New South Wales Premier morning COVID press conference to 11 O’Clock Follies.

It was a historic nod to the daily US military briefings in Saigon during the Vietnam War, which was very frustrating to the assembled media that called them Five O’clock Follies. They rekindled as four o’clock folly during the Iraq War.

The term is now synonymous with untrustworthy government officials who are now trying to dominate the story or weave a more lucrative story with half the truth and carefully selected facts.

Currently, no one suggests that Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian, his minister, or poor government officials have deliberately misunderstood the media. It’s not time to work hard to deal with a major health crisis that poses unprecedented challenges.

But the embarrassed Beresikrian has certainly begun to distort credibility after five weeks of warnings, petitions, statistics, spins and political rhetoric that did not significantly impact the growing crisis.

Recall that last week the desperate Prime Minister held a press conference on Friday only when we declared we were facing a “national emergency.”

Unlike her Victorian opponent, the decisive and splitting Dana Andrews, the annoyed Beregi Klean lacks a cut-through. Until yesterday, when some of her words finally evoked a strong reaction across the country.

“We have stricter restrictions than any other state,” said Beregikrian, who once again defended her painful progress in slowly tightening blockage restrictions.

For the thousands of rugged listeners she thought she mis-spoken or mis-heard, she repeated it a few more times for the effect.

It worked immediately. Widespread anger arose as social media collapsed and many called her a complete liar. The chorus could be heard from the states that have endured the blockade, including South Australia and Victoria.

Melbourne writer Jill Stark Tweet: “Gladys:” There are stricter restrictions than any other state. “Much more, this is a delusion. You can still go to the Bunnings Warehouse, play golf, dive into the gardening center and let multiple strangers go through your home for inspection. Stop trying to rewrite history. “

Incredible Victorians who still remember the four-month Stage 4 blockade as one of the toughest in the world point out that Sydney didn’t even impose a curfew. Also, there is no limit to the amount of time you can exercise (and you don’t have to wear a mask while exercising).

And it should be remembered that Victoria was there a week after she said she didn’t need them, as Beregikrian finally agreed to bring the troops.

Sure, there are some slightly stricter rules for movement, but they only apply to the eight municipalities in western Sydney, not the entire city, but the entire state, as in Victoria.

The main argument is that New South Wales’ decision to close the construction industry for two weeks goes even further than the reduction enacted by Victoria.

The only problem is that the ban and construction sites outside the affected areas will somehow resume from tomorrow, only the day before the ban is lifted.

It seems unreasonable to criticize Beregicrian’s performance, as it is clear that Beregicrian is doing his best in the midst of a severe crisis and she always reminds us of new toxic Delta strains.

It is also not helped by the intense tensions of political weakening she must endure.

With her terrifying deputy John Barillaro, who gigs most days at Follies, this week’s award is given to the treasurer and the best man, Dominique Perotet.

He made a rare cameo in Follies in a blatant attempt to credit his role in increasing payments for JobSeeker in New South Wales.

And this leaked to a source from a man who “forced” to even extend the blockade just a few weeks ago. Australian person..

(Probably the same source close to the treasurer who said he clearly dug into the childless Beregicrian and said he had a better understanding of the effects of the blockade because he had six children.)

Perotet’s self-promotion on Tuesday was even more transparent given that he appeared before the Prime Minister made a formal announcement.

When asked at his press conference whether Perotet “has the right to claim responsibility for today’s announcement,” the Prime Minister replied: Knock out yourself to anyone who wants to receive credit for this payment. We are pleased to receive payments from people. That’s what I’m focusing on. I care who gets the credit. I don’t, I really don’t. “

However, Bellezi Clearn Follies has accomplished one amazing feat. She recreated the image of Dana Andrews among the Conservatives of New South Wales.

This is a new copy: I know I criticized Dana Andrews for criticizing him during the blockade last year. I don’t like his politics very much, but when I saw his press conference compared to Gladys, I completely changed my mind. I was able to do it with a little dictator Dan.

This show does not end immediately.

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Place of originOK, it’s not a race. Let’s just call it a competition for the harshest lockdown

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