NSW’s mutant strain cases double in a week

Prior to January 5, only two travelers returning to New South Wales were positive for this strain and are currently detected in more than 45 countries.


Five patients have recovered from the New South Wales strain and nine remain in special health accommodation.

The state’s hotel quarantine system also found five patients with the B1351 coronavirus mutant, which was first detected in South Africa and is believed to be more infectious than previous coronavirus variants. Four of these patients remain in special health accommodation.

Hazard said Queensland officials have considered moving the system out of the metropolitan area and are confident that the New South Wales hotel quarantine system can handle a variety of cases.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that we are always vigilant about what will happen,” he said.

“This is a human system. Eventually, you’ll notice that there was a human infringement. [in Queensland].. But that’s their problem. I am confident in our public health system. “

Hazard identified and inspected 10 New South Wales residents who returned from abroad after December 29 and completed quarantine at the Grand Chancellor Hotel after a public health alert was issued Wednesday night. He said he was “willing” to report that he had been quarantined.

After the restrictions on the CBD Australia Day event were announced, the Minister of Health said there would be information on the rules for community events in Greater Sydney by Monday.

“If Congress wants and hopes to have an Australian Day ceremony, it can hold a ceremony for up to 500 people without great concern. In a more structured environment, up to thousands. You can hold a meeting, “he said.

Under public health orders, household gatherings are currently limited to five visitors. Outdoor meetings in public places are limited to 30 participants.

There were 20,437 coronavirus tests during the reporting period, about the same number recorded on Wednesday.

Dr. McCanarty still wants to see more than 25,000 daily tests in the state, especially on the beaches of western Sydney, southwestern Sydney, and northern Sydney, where there have been recent cases for testing with family and friends. He said he encouraged people to come out earlier. Identified.

New South Wales reported two new cases to travelers returning on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 4854 since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Contact tracers have yet to find a link to the mystery case from Mount Druitt, which is genomically linked to the Verara cluster. Northern beach reported on Tuesday.

With a small number of uppercase and lowercase letters, Victoria’s premier Daniel Andrews said the bar is considering quickly reducing the size of the “red zone” that covers Greater Sydney moving to his state. I did. Victoria closed its border with New South Wales on New Year’s Day, but reopened earlier this week in the region’s New South Wales.

“I just want to guarantee all Victorian people, especially those who want to go home but can’t go home because it’s not safe now. You have to be a public health expert. I haven’t been in this situation for longer than I told him, “Andrews said.

Mary Ward is a health reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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