NRL 2021: South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Brisbane Broncos, Anthony Milford, ‘stole money for four years’, $1 million, contract

Brisbane Broncos half, Anthony Milford, was shredded again the day after the coach said he wasn’t playing enough for the new deal.

The knife is working again for Anthony Milford of Brisbane Broncos, with No. 6 removing another brutal spray before Thursday night clashes with the South Sydney Rabbit.

Milford has long been attacked with inconsistent performance since the 2015 season when Broncos held the Grand Final and Bumper 2016 season.

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It won a four-year contract that was reported to him worth $ 1 million a season, but he has been far from his best ever since.

Milford said yesterday that Broncos coach Kevin Walters said he was willing to stay in the club. Not enough play to win another deal..

“It’s an ongoing work, but (but) I have to say no now,” Walters was asked if Milford was playing enough to win the New Deal. Sometimes told channel 7.

“We need to see mature women play better, but I’m very confident that we can get the most out of Anthony Milford.

“As long as we continue to build and improve and take small steps … if I believe it’s no longer happening, that will change the situation.

“We’re helping him. He’s cracked there and that’s what I like about him. What he’s doing and what he wants. I completely know what it is. “

It continues to put pressure on Milford, but Walters Not alone in his candid evaluation Compared to some, it looks like you can easily turn off half.

Before Broncos clashed with Rabbit, Fox League Yvonne Sampson asked Greg Alexander if Broncos should endure Milford.

Alexander immediately said “no” because Milford was frankly told in his belief that he should be separated from the club.

“Never,” he said. “$ 4 million? He has absolutely stolen money from them for the past four years, so you rarely give him another $. That will be part of my thinking.”

Gordon Thalys jokingly rushed in, “Is he paying them to play for the next four years?”

“I don’t know,” continued Alexander. “He hasn’t fired for four years. Nothing has come from Anthony Milford since the 2015 Grand Finals.

“I agree with Kevin Walters. He doesn’t deserve another deal. Unless there’s a big change, I’ll go look for another club. It should be a big change, but this year It’s the year of the contract, and I think it’s better to aim in the past. “

Sampson said it was a “bad attitude,” and Alexander added, “it’s a shocking attitude.”

“If one of the key players has that attitude, the club won’t succeed.” I’m not going to try it for three years, but the fourth time I can get a new contract, so I’ll dig into it. “

Thalys said the sign from the Raiders was poor because Milford was an interchange player.

“He was 14 years old and was bouncing around. He had a little full back,” he said. “Then suddenly you go to Brisbane for retired Darren Lockyer, you are a big dog and you have to control the soles of your feet. He has it in him No. He is a natural ball runner and they asked him to do what he couldn’t do.

“I feel a little sorry for the mature woman in such a situation.”

But Alexander took another shot, saying he wasn’t even doing what he was good at.

“I wouldn’t say he busts his back to lift Brisbane out of the hole they are in,” he said. “A little enthusiasm.”

Michael Ennis said Broncos was also out of time and “had no time to wait.”

This isn’t the first time the Fox League team has taken shots with both Alexander and Ennis in Milford. I pasted my boots last week as well..

Place of originNRL 2021: South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Brisbane Broncos, Anthony Milford, ‘stole money for four years’, $1 million, contract

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