NRL 2021: South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Brisbane Broncos, 40m field goal, two points, Adam Reynolds, history, Eric Simms

As the NRL introduced new rules during the off-season, one of the eyebrow-raising moves was finally used in part of history.

Adam Reynolds of South Sydney became the first player to kick a two-point field goal since the 1970 Grand Final, launching a 40-meter strike against Broncos shortly before halftime.

One of the more interesting rule changes in the off-season is NRL scored field goal Shooting beyond the 40m line is worth 2 points.

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Many believed it was a rule that was rarely seen or used, but it only took five rounds to get into the game, and Reynolds was the one who did it.

What was in the story of contact with Rabbit that has been pulled out for a long timeReynolds scored a try and then kicked a field goal in the fierce first half.

This isn’t the first time a three-point field goal has been kicked, but the rules have changed after the 1970 Grand Final between South and Manly.

South won 23-12, Rabbit legend Eric Sims kicked four field goals in the game, and Bob Fulton scored two more goals in the Sea Eagles.

Prior to the 1971 season, the rules were changed so that field goals were worth 1 point instead of 2 points.

It was largely left to Sims’ proficiency in shots as a field goal sniper.

In the off-season, the rules were changed again, as it was “poetic” that the first kick of the revived three-point field goal was a rabbit.

Throughout the season, commentators discuss the correct tactics for two-point play just before halftime.

It seems that Reynolds has finally listened.

Reynolds led 16-6, reducing the number of seconds. Reynolds put the kick in the slot and the commentator became wild and overwhelmed by his teammates.

“It’s almost poetic for the red and green Reynolds to kick the two-point field goal first, like the guy who changed the rule from 2 to 1, like Eric Sims,” ​​exclaimed Andrew Voss. ..

Cooper Kronck added: He nailed it. He will go down in history as the first man to kick a three-point field goal with new rules. “

Social media responded quickly at that moment.

Rabbit led 18-6 during the half-time break, with South dominating the proceedings in an attempt by Reynolds, Alex Johnston and Benji Marshall.

Broncos had some hope when Jamain Isaco scored in the middle of the half, but Rabbit quickly regained control.

Place of originNRL 2021: South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Brisbane Broncos, 40m field goal, two points, Adam Reynolds, history, Eric Simms

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