NRL 2021: Andrew Fifita, NSW Cup tackle video, Cronulla Sharks news

The NRL’s crackdown on foul-playing acts seemed like a joke after the exiled Cronulla star Andrew Fifita fled with this brutal hit.

The NRL’s recent see-off and guilty decree for cheating are clearly not filtered into the NSW Cup.

Former New South Wales-born Australian forward Andrew Fifita managed to escape last weekend due to a shocking high shot at Canberra Raiders’ 5/8 Matt Frawley.

Fifita is currently plagued by shark coach John Morris From the NRL, I was playing for Newtown Jets in the Belconen Oval in Canberra.

The Raiders whiplashed the Jets 60-20.

What’s wrong – The NSW Cup Match Review Committee has somehow just cut out Fifita with a grade 1 dangerous contact head / neck charge.

A story hardened with wings. He never misses a single match.

Fifita finally got 90 carryover points. What a joke!

If they want to foul play from the game, there is only one way.

Send off and hard sanctions. Fifita was supposed to have four weeks.

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Sharks are still uncertain about Morris

Cronulla coach John Morris appears on the increasingly volatile ground of sharks as the club approaches announcing that it will become head coach in 2022.

Given all the restrictions on Cronulla’s salary cap, there is no doubt that Morris did a great job.

Given that the shark has resigned from Blake Braley, Braden Hamlin Welle, Will Kennedy, Tig Wilton and others, he said he could hardly sign a player since he got a job in 2018. Is slightly skewered. Morris.

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But the question that shark power brokers are challenging is whether Morris can consistently lead the club to the top four.

For all the outcomes of the 2019 and 2020 finals, these are the most obvious numbers for Cronulla. It’s not 11th to 1st, compared to last year’s top 8 in the last 18 months.

Duck eggs for 2020 and this year are against the top eight sides. Sharks are 14 to 12 against the best remaining ones who missed last year’s finals.

Morris is envious of being uncertain about his future, but sharks can use a $ 3 million war chest for next year.

Shark stars Matt Moylan, Sean Johnson, Aaron Woods, Toby Rudolph, and Josh Dugan were all out of contract, with some mixed messages about who called the decision shot. I’m listening.

Does Morris make decisions based on his situation?

Absolutely he speaks out.

Soccer head Darren Mooney is also responsible for assembling the Sharks roster.

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