Norway suspect is Muslim convert known to police

A Danish man suspected of killing five people with a bow and arrow in Norway was known to police for fear of conversion and radicalization to Islam.

On Wednesday, Norway’s most deadly attack of the decade killed five people and injured four women and one man in the southeastern town of Kongsberg.

Saeverud said the 37-year-old suspect confessed during the interrogation. All the people killed during the attack were between the ages of 50 and 70.

According to Saveld, reports linking him to radicalization were earlier this year, and police were following up at the time. “There were no reports of him in 2021, but before that,” he said.

Murders in Norway are rare.

Thursday was largely quiet in Kongsburg, a picturesque town of 25,000 people with wooden façade and autumn foliage.

Several police officers stood outside the store where part of the attack took place. There, a tip was visible on the glass door from some sort of firing.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen responded with “great sadness” to the “terrible attack.”

The suspect was scheduled to go to the judge for a custody hearing on Friday and had a psychiatric examination on Thursday, the prosecutor said.

Norwegian media questioned why police took more than 30 minutes to arrest the suspect after the initial report of the attack.

A witness, identified only as Hanshin, told commercial television channel TV2 that he had heard the turmoil, and the woman uncovered and saw “a man standing in the corner with a quiver arrow on his shoulder and a bow in his hand.” rice field.

-An arrow stuck in the wall-

Police said Thursday that the suspect also used other weapons, but did not provide details.

The store lamented “horrible behavior,” and Norwegian King Harald said he was “frightened by the tragic event.”

Norway rarely experiences such violence, but ten years ago, Andersbering Brevik killed 77 people in the country’s worst massacre since World War II.

No one was overwhelmed and seriously injured by worshipers after the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi Philipmans House fired at a mosque outside Oslo in August 2019.

Several planned jihadist attacks were also thwarted by security services.

at first Norwegian suspect is known to police for Islamic converts

Place of originNorway suspect is Muslim convert known to police

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