Nikki Grahame dead: Big Brother star dies after anorexia battle

Popular reality star Nikki Grahame died a few weeks after his loved ones publicized the fight for anorexia nervosa.

British reality star Nikki Grahame died at the age of 38 after a long battle with anorexia nervosa.

The· big BrotherTar checked in to a private hospital last month to treat her eating disorders after her desperate friend raised over £ 65,500 ($ A117,000) to start paying for life-saving medical care. did.

However, her success was confirmed in a statement on today’s GoFundMe page.

“It’s very sad. I need to inform you that my dear friend Nikki died early on Friday, April 9th.

“It’s heartbreaking to know that such a precious person was taken when he was so young. Nikki not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also missed her so much with her friends and family. I also touched on.

“While Nikki’s friends and family are processing sad news, we want to demand privacy during this difficult time.

“Full details will be announced when we know.”

“All donations were greatly appreciated and it was heartwarming for everyone, including Nikki, to see how much she was loved.”

Nicky’s representative Freddie White also said in a statement:

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Following the news, Nikki soon began to be praised. Nikki became famous in the 2006 Big Brother series from fellow athletes, reality stars and celebrities who met her.

Katie Price, 42, revealed that she had lost her love for missing Nikki’s last voice message before her tragic death.

Her sad death comes after her last Instagram post admitting she “can’t deal seriously” with another blockade.

Meanwhile, Nikki’s mom Sue appeared on a TV show. this morning Last week she said her daughter’s health fight was triggered when Jim was closed during the blockade because she feared the star would eat if she couldn’t exercise.

She states: “At Covid, it sounds crazy, but the closure of the gym and other things affected her.

“It was a great worry when they closed, because she needs to know that she can exercise in order to eat, even in isolation.

“I came to her and asked if she was with me, but she said she needed to be at her house.”

“She felt very at a loss (suffering from the loneliness of the end), not enough to think about anything other than food, and spending too much time on her own.

“It all stopped terribly. For Nikki, she was confused all year round to find out that she had friends abroad and visited them.

“She spent a lot of time canceling her holidays last year.”

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Sue said she sent a message to her daughter’s fans. “I heard from Nikki this morning and she said. I am very grateful.”

“But she said,’Tell everyone that I’m going to do my best to beat this.'”

Nikki’s mom also shared the moment she realized something was wrong with a 7-year-old star who went out for dinner with her family on Mothering Sunday.

She states: As you know, my dad got very sick and of course it affected me, and I think she was worried about me, and I tried to look brave.

“We were doing other things, my marriage broke up, and my husband was having a hard time at work, so I wasn’t a happy place (our home) I know that.

“There is one point in my head. She was 7 years old, we went to a restaurant, and Nikki stood beside me, she wasn’t actually sitting She was right next to me, and it was around that time that she began to refuse to eat, that’s one thing that got stuck in my feelings. “

The goal of the fundraising activity was initially £ 25,000 ($ 45,000), with hearty celebrities such as Lyrank Lakneil, Michelle Visage and Vanessa Felts each donating £ 500 ($ A900).

At that time, the representative of Nikki told Sun as follows. Go to the FundMe page.

“I am confident that Nikki will be fully recovered and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your kind words, wishes and donations today and beyond.”

Nikki’s friends desperately tried to collect cash because they believed that the specialty clinic was her “last hope.”

Her companions, Curly and Leon, explain on the fundraising page: Unfortunately, Nick is in very bad shape. This is our last hope.

“Currently, Nikki is always feeling weak and struggling every day,” they write.

“She feels trapped and really wants to get better, but she feels impossible. It’s sad and we desperately bring a healthy and healthy Nikki with us. I want to go back to.

“She has no energy and takes it every day.”

Nikki has been open to the fight against anorexia since gaining fame at Big Brother in 2006 and released his autobiography “Dying To Be Thin” in 2009.

She has been fighting illness since childhood and was first admitted to a mental hospital at the age of 12 after being bid for suicide.

At some point, Nikki had to be forcibly fed through a nasal tube after starving himself.

Despite the fight against eating disorders, Nikki’s cheerful personality and dramatic reaction made her a quick hit when she entered the Big Brother in Series 7 in 2006.

One of her classic moments was when she shouted, “Who is she ?!” The relationship with the ultimate winner, Pete Bennett, of the new housemate sitting in a diary room chair caught the viewer’s heart.

Their romance didn’t last long back in the real world, but Nikki remained popular and landed her own reality series, Princess Nikki.

She returned to the Big Brother House for Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 and finished as runner-up for Series 2 winner Brian Dowling.

Nikki appeared in Series 16 as a guesthousemate in 2015, and the following year he participated in Big Brother Canada’s 4th series, finishing 6th.

Her success at Big Brother has led her to win the National Television Award for the Most Popular Television Candidates.

Nikki has published two books on the fight against anorexia nervosa, in addition to television productions that have appeared on shows such as eight out of ten cats and celebrity coach trips. 2009 is Dying To Be Thin and 2012 is Fragile.

This story was originally published Sun Duplicate here with permission

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