Nicole Kidman And Cate Blanchett: 2021 Golden Globes Snubs And Surprises

Treat with nose: Meryl Streep for Best Performance by Movie Actress-Musical or Comedy

Ryan Murphy’s “The Prom” was loved in the form of Best Picture Award-a musical or comedy nomination and a cry to James Corden for the best performance in the actors category. The problem is that Corden’s bizarre Broadway star Barry Glickman’s portrayal was criticized by critics who called it “homophobic,” “aggressive,” and “very bad.” However, although Streep was celebrated as “the queen of this musical,” her name was removed from the docket. As always, veteran actors have shown many talents in both “Prom” and Steven Soderbergh’s “Let Them All Talk”, but they have also been removed from the list. For the first time in something that feels like eternity, Meryl Streep has some competition. (And it’s in the form of Kate Hudson.)- Lee Brickley

surprise: “Music” for the best movies-musicals or comedies

Have you heard about the movie “Music”?I don’t know if most people have Some entertainment journalists Someone who covers a movie to make a living. But it somehow succeeded in two glove nominations, including one for Kate Hudson’s performance and another for Best Motion Pictures-musical or comedy. “Music” commemorates the directorial debut of pop star Shea, who featured Hudson as a drug dealer caring for her autistic half-sister (Maddie Ziegler). It won’t premiere on VOD until February 12, and while it’s not uncommon in this long award season, movie marketing campaigns are suspiciously understated. Perhaps that’s because the movie already sees a flaw in casting a nervous actor as an autistic character. Whatever the reason, “Music” just got a lot of free PR. ― Matthew Jacobs

Treat with nose: Jurnee Smollett for Best Performance by TV Series Actress-Drama

Don’t underestimate women nominated in this category — Olivia Colman is really the Queen of The Crown and Laura Linney is very good and scared of Welcome to Ozark — but Jurnee Smollett Is a country that has shown a lifelong performance on HBO’s “Love Craft”. ‘In episode 3 of the horror drama, she evoked the spirit of the past, dealing with the harm caused by racist doctors to them and informing them that they could still fight back. It’s an exciting scene, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association should be ashamed to overlook Smoret’s powerful performance in the series. ― Erin E. Evans

surprise: Emerald Fennell nominated for Best Director-Movie

She may play Camilla Parker Bowles in “The Crown,” but it’s fair to call her the Queen of the Golden Globe Awards for Emerald Fennell. Actor and director’s debut, “Promising Young Woman,” features the major nominations for Best Film and Best Actress in the Drama category, and the nods of Best Director and Best Screenplay. Was made strict as the power of the movie. Social criticism. A blend of candy-colored genres, the Revenge Thriller isn’t always the easiest watch, but a big swing proves that the award season will definitely pay off. Now, Fennell, along with this year’s candidates Chloe Zhao (“No Mandland”) and Regina King (“One Night in Miami”), is a too exclusive female director to be recognized for the Golden Globe Awards. Is part of the club. Something will tell you that you will meet more of her in the future. ― Coldervic

Treat with nose: “Minari” is completely shut out except for the Best Picture Award-foreign language

In December, the HFPA announced that the false arbitrary rules required “Minari” to compete as a “foreign film” at the Golden Globe Awards simply because most of the film’s lines were in Korean. I had already landed in hot water. The film is a clear American story about a Korean-American family living in the countryside of Arkansas in the 1980s, written, directed, and American star by an American filmmaker. The rules are very insulting because they feature. “Minari” was nominated for a foreign film, but was not allowed to act, direct, or write. Lee Isaac Chung’s film is underpinned by a beautiful, naive and ruminant performance as a father and husband trying to reconcile the reality of Stephen Yun’s survival as an immigrant with his rosy dreams. Yun, who won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in the Film category, deserves nominations for all major awards. He will be the first Asian-American actor to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor — if He was nominated, but unfortunately it seems like a big one. We hope that the film, which will be released later this month, will help attract the attention of more award-winning voters. — Marina Fang

Treat with nose: Delroy Lindo for Best Performance by Film Actors-Drama, and “Da 5 Blood” for Best Film-Drama

Delroy Lindo was named the award front runner when “Da 5 Blood” premiered on Netflix last June, a lifetime. Even with intense performances like Lindo, it takes a long time to maintain momentum. In fact, Spike Lee’s entire ambitious Vietnam War movie (the best of his years) was blanked out by a globe. To be fair, the Best Actor contests are so stacked that Lind wasn’t the only abbreviation for that category. Surprisingly, “The Mauritanian” star Tahar Rahim also has Stephen Yun (“Minari”), Tom Hanks (“World News”), Mads Mikkelsen (“Another Round”), and Keith Stan. Field (“Judas and Black Messiah”). But can anyone forget Lind’s ardent “Vaseline salt” solitude? ― Matthew Jacobs

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