Nicklaus ‘Concerned,’ DeChambeau ‘Heartbroken’ Over Tiger Crash

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus and US Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau were one of the shocked supporters praying for Tiger Woods on Tuesday.

“Barbara and I have just heard about Tiger’s accident and, like everyone else, we are deeply worried,” tweeted Nicklaus, who recorded 18 major titles.

“I would like to provide him with heartfelt support and prayer during this difficult time. I hope Tiger will do his best to successfully complete the surgery and recover completely.”

DeChambeau, one of the players at the World Golf Championships event in Florida, tweeted that he was “broken heart” and said he was confident that Woods would return later.

“He is one of the most impressive people I have ever met and I think he will come back well,” DeChambeau said. “He will do everything with his power to come back.”

Dechambo was involved in a car accident in 1949, but Ben Hogan’s legendary comeback, which won six of the nine major titles after his injury, and Woods’ resilience from past back and knee injuries. I paid attention to.

Tiger Woods’ solo car accident at Rancho Palos Verdes, 31 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Los Angeles, shocked the sports world.

“No matter what happened, he always came back from there in a pretty amazing way,” DeChambeau said of Woods. “He’s a great person who has done great things. He’s definitely coming back.”

The crash revived the memory of NBA star Kobe Bryant, who was killed last year in a helicopter crash on a hill near Calabasas east of Los Angeles.

“It feels bad,” said Australia’s 2013 Masters winner Adam Scott. “He’s our hero here. I don’t think people like Tiger and Kobe Bryant can touch it, but it’s not. I hope he’s okay.”

“Last year something weird happened to our sports world in Kobe, so I wouldn’t say that dramatic feelings, but man, you wish Tiger okay,” said PGA’s outstanding Tony.・ Finau said. “He’s a physically and mentally strong cookie, so if anyone tries to get over it, he’ll do it.”

Finau, the first player of PGA’s Samoa and Tonga ancestors, has been one of many Woods-inspired players since his first major victory at the Masters in 1997.

“He has a lot to do with the game,” Finau said. “He has great implications for my career. The ’97 Masters changed the course of my life. Without that event I would probably not have been playing golf … I Probably one of the hundreds of guys here who would say the same thing. “

Second-place Spaniard John Rahm hopes to hold more events together, as Woods and his son Charlie played in December, just before Woods underwent his fifth career back surgery. is.

Congratulating Tiger Woods for winning the 2019 Masters, Tony Finau is one of many PGA players who praise Woods for inspiring him to play golf.

Congratulating Tiger Woods for winning the 2019 Masters, Tony Finau is one of many PGA players who praise Woods for inspiring him to play golf.
Getty Images North America / Kevin C. Cox

“I hope he can leave the hospital, play with the children and lead a normal life after he recovers,” Ram said. “And I hope to see him on the golf course as soon as possible.”

The 45-year-old Woods has won the highest title ever in 82 PGA Championships, on par with Sam Snead.

“I hope Tiger is okay,” said third-place Justin Thomas. “I have a stomachache. It hurts to see one of my close friends in an accident.”

“The mood was very quiet,” said fourth-placed Xander Schauffele. “It’s not good for a golf game. All we can do is hope he’s fine and recovers quickly.”

Woods won the latest title at the 2019 Zozo Championship in Japan, won the latest major at the 2019 Masters, recorded a drought of 11 years of big wins, and completed a spectacular return from back surgery. Did.

“Tiger, we’re all pulling for you,” tweeted five-time major winner Phil Mickelson. “I am very sorry that you and your family are experiencing this difficult time. Everyone wishes you a complete and quick recovery.”

Commissioner Jay Monahan, also supported by the US PGA Tour, said, “Tiger is in our prayers and will get our full support as he recovers.”

Justin Rose tweeted that two British stars tweeted their support, “I know how tough you are. I’ve seen it 100 times. I hope you’re okay with my friends. I hope the injury is not bad. “

The golf world wasn’t the only one who wanted the best of Woods.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who attended a golf event on Monday with Woods, tweeted: “Pray for GOAT @TigerWoods … Don’t take even the obvious moments! Your tiger is a beast !!!”

NBA legend Magic Johnson tweeted, “Everyone sends your prayers to Tiger Woods! He was just in a terrible car accident. Let’s pray for his quick recovery.” did.

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