NFL Week 2 Best Over/Under Bets

Nine of the NFL’s 16 opening week games fell below the total bet. In the 5 week 2 game, you have a total bet of over 50 points. There are only two matches with a total of less than 43.

Here are the five best over / under bets for the second week of the 2021 NFL season.Betting odds FanDuel Sportsbook..

Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers under 47

The Steelers are not going to play many high scoring games at 202w. With the lead of TJ Watt and Melvin Ingram, Pittsburgh may have the best defense in the league. The Steelers attack didn’t seem to improve much in the first week, scoring just 16 attack points at 252 yards. Las Vegas Pass Rush was dominant over Baltimore. Baltimore is not a good omen for Pittsburgh’s attack line, which has some question marks.

New England Patriots in New York Jets under 42.5

Jets’ attacks don’t seem to be much better than last year’s unit, which was ranked as the last to die, earning only 15.2 points per game. New York can struggle to reach the end zone multiple times after losing 14 points in Carolina and losing the left tackle Mekey Bekton. The Patriots have top defensive coaching and personnel. New England was held down to 16 points in the opening round.

Houston Texans in Cleveland Browns over 48.5

Cleveland alone can reach 40 points. Baker Mayfield has been one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks since the second half of last season. The Browns have the most dynamic running back duo in the league, and the Texans allowed the most yards per carry before the season. Both Cleveland and Houston played in the first week’s game, scoring a total of at least 58 points.

San Francisco 49ers in Philadelphia Eagles over 49.5

Forty-niners and Eagles scored a total of 73 points in the first week. Since the start of last season, San Francisco has averaged 29.3 points per game, with Jimmy Garoppolo’s seven starts, excluding games that ended in half-time due to injury. Jalen Hurts could take a big step in the second season. Now that Jason Bellett has finished breaking the ACL, the San Francisco secondary is hurt.

Dallas Cowboys of the Los Angeles Chargers over 55.5

As long as Dak Prescott stays healthy, the Cowboys will play in shootouts on a regular basis. After losing 31-29 in the season opener, six of Dallas’ last seven games against Prescott in the quarterback scored at least a total of 60 points. Justin Herbert could shred one of the worst pass defenses in the league.

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