Netflix staff plan walk out on October 20 over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special

Netflix staff are planning a strike on a controversial comedy special that Streamer has refused to remove.

The business problems caused by the controversial Dave Chappelle Comedy Special are clearly not interesting.

Transgender Netflix employees are planning an October 20th strike from a streaming service. Ongoing issues all related to the 48-year-old Chapel close, according to On the verge..

The most prominent of the problems was the suspension of Terra Field, a senior transgender software engineer. He blamed Chapel for humor about transgender people on a viral Twitter thread.

Sources said post The field was suspended not because of a tweet, but because it broke into an executive-only meeting with two other people.

Field then returned to her attendance “after discovering that it wasn’t malicious,” she posted.

“I’ll take a few days off to unzip and figure out where I am. At least I feel proven,” Field tweeted.

Nonetheless, Netflix’s transgender resource group is still moving forward with a scheduled strike next week. On the verge, Got an internal note.

“Trans is important. Transgender rights. And as an organization, Netflix continues to fail to create content that is harmful to the trans community, expressing and uplifting it. We couldn’t pay close attention to our mission to entertain the world. We have to do better! ”The movement leader reportedly wrote.

Adding fuel to the fire, co-CEO Ted Salands defended Chapel by emailing employees during this week’s blunder.

“It’s also important to note that some talents may join a third party and ask them to remove the show in the next few days. We won’t do this anymore,” Salands said. Is writing. .. “

The follow-up Sarands email received by the outlet also reportedly said: I sincerely hope that I can do it. “

In response, the strike organizer urged their senior officials, saying, “Our leadership has shown us that we do not support the values ​​we hold.” It is said. On the verge..

Chapel himself was obsessed with being “cancelled” and recently “loved” a large audience at the Hollywood Bowl.

“I don’t know what to say to you, except I’m a bad mother,” he said.

In addition to praise from comedian Damon Wayans, 61, the chapel jokes were also defended by transgender comedian Flame Monroe. TMZ..

“All of this’what you can’t say’is ridiculous … I definitely don’t think specials should be removed from Netflix,” Monroe said.

Chapel was also described as an “LGBTQ ally” by the family of his late transcomedian friend Daphne Dorman.

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at first Netflix’s ongoing issues with the transcommunity escalate as staff plan strikes

Netflix staff plan walk out on October 20 over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special Source link Netflix staff plan walk out on October 20 over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special

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