Netflix announces new reality show about Byron Bay influencers

Netflix produces a drama-filled reality show about Byron Bay. It is rumored that one of the most famous residents is playing the leading role.

More popular than ever in the last 12 months for Australians who can’t travel abroad, Byron Bay, a holiday hotspot, is now the setting for the juicy new Netflix reality series.

Announced today, Byron Base Described as the “Love Letter to Byron Bay” and the property of its inhabitants, especially influential people, sharing beautiful beachside content makes the rest jealous of their wonderful lives. ..

“It’s not just the backyards of Chris and Zack, but a playground for influential people next to more celebrities than can poke a selfie stick,” teases today’s announcement.

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“But twist: don’t write down these bays too early. There are fights, flings, and broken hearts. But under all the perfect posts, not just like, but who you are There is a very real desire to like what it is. “

OMG, I feel like I’m already completely well.

Created by Eureka Productions, this series is executive produced by Emma Lamb, who knows one or two things he’s worked on before about explosive reality TV dramas. love at first sight And Sydney real housewife.. In Episode 1, it’s better for someone to put an acai bowl on their head.

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“With a compelling cast, spectacular settings, and some really addictive dramas, Byron Bace has all the binge-worthy ingredients. Eureka is one of the most perfect playgrounds in the world. We are excited to work with Netflix in this love letter to, “said Chris Culvenor, co-CEO of Eureka Productions, in today’s announcement.

No broadcast date from Netflix yet Byron Base ――But SMH Today’s report The former block Winner, model and Byron Bay resident Elyse Knowles is “enthusiastically advised” in the cast.with her 879,000-Odd Instagram followers, She certainly meets the “influencer” bill.

Netflix announces new reality show about Byron Bay influencers Source link Netflix announces new reality show about Byron Bay influencers

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