NBL21: Adelaide 36ers defeat South East Melbourne Phoenix, match report

Due to the crowded schedule, South-East Melbourne and Adelaide were a mix of good and bad, and the game was no exception — to a thrilling finish.

It was the story of NBL’s two Jekyll and Hyde teams.

What to get from Southeast Melbourne Phoenix When Adelaide 36ers stepped on court.

Both sides sometimes created basketball to be one of the best teams in NBL.

But in many cases, each seems to live in the cellar rather than the NBL champion.

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The game was no exception, as Phoenix took the Sixers a 17-point lead in 9 minutes, dropping to 1 with 59 seconds remaining and then losing 99-94.

Phoenix coach Simon Mitchell felt the up and down labels were a bit exaggerated, but dropped performance discrepancies into a condensed season, making it difficult to prepare for the game.

“We were virtually unprepared for this game,” Mitchell said.

“It would be a bit of a contradiction and I thought I saw it in tonight’s on-ball defense.

“As a coaching staff, I think I might need to do a little better job to keep it simpler.”

The decline and flow of the fourth quarter redeemed the unfortunate events so far.

This was a game on paper where Phoenix would have hit a penciler. The team with the highest score in over 91 games put the title’s favorite Melbourne United at stake. Knock off the previously undefeated Hawks, He brought 31 points of horror loss to Perth Wildcats and destroyed Brisbane Bullets.

Adelaide dropped three of the last four games by 15 plus and appeared dead underwater.

But that night, the Sixers came out as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Phoenix.

Director Connor Henry may have just saved the side.

Equipped with a 3-point barrage of Mitch Creek (23 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists), they made a ridiculous 16-2 run for 3 minutes, reducing the margin to just 3.

After the creek sent a trio of three-point bombs over the net, Isaac Humphries (24 points, 11 revs) hit a power jam over a Phoenix superstar when the Sixers tried to stop the corruption. I roared violently.

Henry then used the new NBL Cup novelty to challenge a foul charged with importing Tony Crocker (12 points) when he closed off Phoenix sniper Cameron Gliddon (18 points). Did.

If the foul had stood, Glidon would have walked to the line with three shots, or five downs, and the crocker would have been out of the game.

However, the referee threw a call in the review, the Sixers went in the opposite direction, and the Crocker ironically fouled and sank both giveaways — after the challenge from Simon Mitchell failed.

Before the Phoenix came back, the Sixers returned it to 7 and reduced the margin to 1, but Adelaide was enough to keep it.

“We really needed the team to win tonight,” Sixers star Isaac Humphries said in a post-match ESPN broadcast.

“That’s what we were talking about all week. To regain momentum, we needed to win a fierce battle as a team. I think we did that.

“We played really well together and did exactly what we needed.

“I’m very proud of the boys.”

Keifer Sykes, who finished the triple-double, scored just five points in the first seven minutes when Adelaide keyed in Phoenix’s game breakers, Sunday decks, crockers, and many help defenders who gave hell to American stars. The young gun Josh Guidi flirted with a 15-point, 9-ast, 7-rev triple-double.

John Kane’s DJ finally spins the deck

Whether called the Melbourne Arena or the John Cain Arena, this court was the Cryptonite of Adelaide star Daniel Johnson.

In his last three games on this floor, he scored only 7, 4 and 6 points with pure 5-24 shooting (21 percent).

However, the Sixers went to him early and often to get him into the game, and the Big Feller mandated a breakthrough 27 points and 10 revs.

Phoenix may have been his remedy, but he loves to play them, dropping 52 points in the previous two collisions with 62% of the shots.

ROWDY has landed

The· Phoenix shook his head when he landed the signatures of former NBAer and Mayor Frankston Ryan Broekhoff.

The snipers landed in Sydney and launched a compulsory 14-day quarantine stint.

He will finish quarantine on March 7th and join the team before the tripleheader in the final round of the NBL Cup.

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