NBL master coach Brian Goorjian primed to fulfil one of the league’s finest turnarounds with the Illawarra Hawks

NBL Master Coach Brian Gourzian wins by achieving his best achievements by leading the financially struggling Illawarra Hawks from the last place to the Grand Final Series.

The Gourgian Hawks will book a berth for the decider if he defeats defending champion Perth Wildcats at a packed WIN entertainment center on Saturday.

Illawarra’s formidable position is after the franchise has recorded its second win in Perth since 36 attempts on Friday night.

The thrilling 74-72 victory put the Hawks in a strong position to seal the Wildcats semi-final series.

It’s an incredible resurgence for Illawarra, given that the club was placed under self-management for the second time in franchise history last year.

Media_cameraNBL Master Coach Brian Gourzian is ready to achieve one of the league’s best turnarounds with Illawarra Hawks. Photo: Will Russell / Getty Images.

For Gourzian, who won the record six NBL Championships, his role in Illawarra’s remarkable rise feels as enthusiastic as a rookie mentor.

“I’m very excited to be back in Wollongong,” said 67-year-old Gourzian.

“I talked a lot this year saying that the story is cheap.

“People asked what the new franchise and ownership would be, but we’re dealing with Covid and have a whole new team.

“I’ve always said I don’t know what’s going on, but we were going to scrap and fight and represent the community. They would be proud of the team.

“This is the team that the community is proud of in the long run.”

Gourzian may be overpriced, but experience shows that Illawarra must maintain its energy and effort against the desperate Perth side in Game 2.

“(Our first win) doesn’t make sense unless we win the next one at home,” he said.

“We want to win the series.

“I know the history of Perth, but it’s a completely different franchise and organization, and we’re happy that we’re coming in.”

The Hawks will challenge Perth in Game 2 of the Semifinal series at the WIN Entertainment Center from 5:30 pm on Saturday.

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Place of originNBL master coach Brian Goorjian primed to fulfil one of the league’s finest turnarounds with the Illawarra Hawks

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