NBA news: James Harden traded to Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

Ben Simmons is staying in Philadelphia, but James Harden has finally left Houston and hoped the NBA franchise would move to super team status.

Don’t worry Philadelphia fans, Ben Simmons remains in place.

There was speculation that James Harden had left the rocket and an Australian would replace him, but dissatisfied Houston stars took the place as Nets took a major step towards establishing the NBA’s next super team. I’m heading to Brooklyn.

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Eight all-star Harden joins New York’s top dogs Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant as Nets strives to secure one of the league’s biggest names.

Athletic Shams Charania reports that the net has given up on four defenseless first-round draft topics and four first-round pick swaps to join a wild deal involving Cleveland and Indiana. ..

ESPN’s Adrian Voinaroski called Houston’s return “one of the strongest draft packages in league history.”

“Whatever the future of Kyrie Irving and Nets, this deal is another important thing for Brooklyn. Powerful to help keep the franchise’s most important player, Kevin Durant, beyond his current contract. It’s a claim, “Vonaroski added.

Harden’s toxic relationship with Houston has been unacceptable for some time, and the point-scoring freak was released this week hoping for his escape.

“(Location) isn’t enough. In terms of chemistry and talent, it was clear,” Harden said.

“I love this city. I literally did everything I could. That is, this situation is strange. That’s something I don’t think I can fix.”

US media reports that the rocket is pursuing a possible trade deal with Philadelphia and Harden could be sent to 76ers in exchange for Simmons and Tyrese Maxey were released today.

New York Times NBA reporter Markstein said the Sixers were the leading candidates for Harden’s service, but Nets stole their thunder.

“Rocket is pursuing a trade package from 76ers headed by Ben Simmons and Tyrese Maxey,” Stein said on Twitter before the final deal. “Nets also pursues. I continue to do it, “he added.

Charania had previously reported that the 76ers and Rocket had reached an agreement, and Simmons was firmly in the trade slot — but Philly’s boss didn’t have to cross the bridge after all.

Simmons enjoys a bright start to the season, averaging 12.6 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists in the first 10 games of the campaign.

Philadelphia had previously poured cold water on rumors that a 24-year-old child would be thrown into a trade table. And since being ranked number one in the draft in 2016, he remains in the franchise he has played.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said the Rockets pinup wanted to go to Philadelphia before Harden’s blockbuster deal, but agreed on more details to take him there. Suggested that it might be too difficult.

“The bottom line is what James Harden wants. He wants it by the means he needs,” Smith said this week.

“I don’t know if they (76ers) have assets that they are willing to give up to get James Harden. Ben Simmons, a few (draft) picks, maybe another player Get James Harden from Houston. I don’t know Philly does. “


Harden’s trade sent a shockwave throughout the NBA, with many players reacting quickly.

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell tweeted “wow,” and Washington’s Bradley Beal simply said “wow.”

Portland’s CJ McCollum responded by calling the news “the most entertaining sport in business.”

Place of originNBA news: James Harden traded to Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

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