Nationals get all hi-vis and hard-headed in the battle for coal country

The upper hunter by-elections will clearly be contested over a single issue: coal.

Preselected National Candidates for Singleton Mayor Soomur and Upper Hunter David Razel (Image: Singleton Council / AAP / NSW Citizens)

When Michael Johnson resigns from the Upper Hunter National Assembly Over the allegations of rape (The claim he denied), he will trigger a by-election, which will be contested over coal, which is a single issue.

The now marginal national hub is in the heart of the coal nation of New South Wales. So yesterday, it was a little surprising when there was Kuomintang leader and deputy prime minister John Barillaro. “salute” A coal train that runs through Muswellbrook. Hours later, the party pre-selected local construction manager David Razel as a candidate.

Barillaro supports his man. He praised Razel for playing “one of the most striking speeches” he had ever heard, and perhaps more importantly, marked him as someone who understood the mining industry.

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Place of originNationals get all hi-vis and hard-headed in the battle for coal country

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