National Comic Book Day: Quotes From Popular Superheroes

National Comic Day, September 25th, is an annual celebration of comic stories, art and artists.

Little is known about the origin of the day, but it is celebrated in many ways, including attending competitions, sharing comic collections, and visiting comic stores.

Celebrate National Comic Book Day by checking out popular quotes edited from Comic basics, Explore your heart, When Ranker, From some notable cartoon characters.

  • “It’s not the person I’m under, but what I do defines me.”- Batman
  • “You are much stronger than you think. Believe me.”-Superman
  • “True happiness lies in the middle. There is not war, but holding hands, rational and emotional balance and harmony.” –Aquaman
  • “Good isn’t always the fastest. The important thing is to stand at the end.”-Wolverine
  • “It’s not the way you hit the mat, it’s the way you stand up.”-Daredevil
  • “We enter the world alone and leave in the same way. The time we spend in the meantime, the time we live, share and learn together, is all that makes life worth living.” Jean Gray
  • “Unless you overcome it, fearing is nothing wrong.”-Captain America
  • “We are not the only ones who fail. As long as they hurt, we learn from them. Then we go out there and do our best to make up for them — although we never do. We save people. We save as much as we can to make up for what we couldn’t do. That’s all we do. “– Spiderman
  • “Life does not give us a purpose. We give us a purpose in life.” –Flash
  • “My people, we have something to say.” If you can hurt, don’t kill. If you can sedate, don’t hurt. If you can sedate, don’t squeeze. Reach first Don’t raise your hand until. “-Wonder Woman


National Comic Book Day: Quotes From Popular Superheroes Source link National Comic Book Day: Quotes From Popular Superheroes

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