Mood-tracking app empowers expectant and new mums to manage mental wellbeing

Evidence-based apps — Your time — Developed by University of South Australia And parent support group Village Foundation Allows women to track their mental health during and early in pregnancy. The app provides a digitized tool that allows pregnant and early pregnant women to self-monitor and track their mood during the perinatal period (from conception of the child to the first year of life). Respond to your mental health priorities. Recognize early signs of mental health deterioration or, conversely, admit that they are doing well.

Having a baby can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be tiring and challenging for new moms. In Australia, one in five pregnant or childbearing mothers experience perinatal anxiety and depression, and approximately 100,000 families get the disease each year.

Unisa’s Associate Professor Lois McKeller, Principal Investigator and Midwife, said the new app will provide immediate support to women who may be suffering from depression or are beginning to experience anxiety and depression.

Associate Professor McKeller said:

“It is also very common for new mothers to experience what is often called” “.Baby blues‘— Perinatal anxiety if you are worried about these feelings or your mother is not functioning properly for the first few days to weeks after giving birth. You may be feeling depressed.

“The YourTime app helps women track their mood during pregnancy and motherhood. [to] Quickly recognize changes in mood, behavior, and emotions.

“Led by a midwife’s avatar, women can monitor their health over time, access educational and support materials, and connect with other women and mothers through networking forums. The thing is that women have more control over themselves and are more aware of their thoughts and feelings. “

The app is based on scientific evidence and is designed to take in the opinions of mothers and make sure they are attractive and appropriate for today’s women. With a modern and easy-to-use design, it provides a non-medical approach to well-being and encourages women to think more about their mental health.

Associate Professor McKeller said the purpose of this app is to prevent women and mothers from slipping through the gap, especially when focusing on newborn support.

“A generation ago, postpartum depression, even more than that, was often dismissed as’baby blues’,” she said. “Now, people Postpartum depression and anxietyHowever, support is not always available at your fingertips.

“This app makes women feel connected and supported at any time of the day, and is a very attractive tool to support mental health and well-being, even during midnight breastfeeding. “

A prototype version of YourTime will soon be available as a trial version.

UniSA is new Mental Health Research Fund It will help you tackle these important frontline issues. For more information

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Mood-tracking app empowers expectant and new mums to manage mental wellbeing Source link Mood-tracking app empowers expectant and new mums to manage mental wellbeing

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