Modern Snakes May Have Evolved From Dino-Killing Asteroid Survivors

Researchers have discovered that living today may have evolved from several surviving species of dinosaur-killing asteroids.

Many vertebrate groups died when a dinosaur-killing asteroid struck Earth millions of years ago, researchers in a new study said. Release Tuesday’s Journal Nature Communications said. However, apart from mass extinction, the aftermath of the impact also brought about “rapid diversification.” Some species were able to thrive after their competitors were wiped out.

In their study, researchers at Bath University worked with collaborators in Germany, Bristol, and Cambridge to explore the effects of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction. Records show that this was consistent with the effects of the Chicxulub fireball. , About evolution.

Because of that effort, they focused on fossil and modern genetic differences to “reconstruct evolution.”In this way, they were able to determine when the modern University of Bath evolved. I got it In a news release.

The results of researchers’ research suggest that all living organisms today actually arose from “a handful” of species that survived mass extinction events.

“We reveal the potential diversification between crowns associated with the mass extinction of K-Pg, guided by the successful colonization of Asia by the major extant clade, Afrofidia.” They wrote.

The university said the ability to stay underground for long periods of time without food may have helped them survive. With the disappearance of competitors, they have expanded into newer, more habitats, creating new strains we know today, from venomous snakes to pythons and cobras.

“It’s worth noting that not only have we survived the extinction that wipes out many other animals, but we’re also innovating by using habitats in new ways within millions of years,” said the University of Bath now. The graduated lead author, Catherine Klein, said. He said in a news release that he works at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Friedrich-Alexander University.

“Our research suggests that extinction functioned as a form of” creative destruction. ” By clearing out old species, survivors were able to take advantage of ecosystem gaps and experiment with new lifestyles and habitats, “said Nick Longrich, a responding author at the University of Bath. Added. “The destruction of biodiversity creates room for new things to emerge and colonize new land masses. Ultimately, life will be even more diverse than before.”

Current research shows an example of how to do this Mass extinction Helped shape the biodiversity of the planet.

“Our results help support the fundamental role of K-Pg mass extinction in shaping the biodiversity of vertebrates that occupy our planet today,” the researchers write. ..

In this case, a small number of survivors of the catastrophic event emerged as a “major clade of predators,” which now consists of more than 3,700 living species.

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Modern Snakes May Have Evolved From Dino-Killing Asteroid Survivors Source link Modern Snakes May Have Evolved From Dino-Killing Asteroid Survivors

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