‘Miracle’ Puppy Born With Six Legs in Oklahoma

A puppy born with six legs and two tails is described as a “miracle” in Oklahoma veterinary practice. This puppy may have been born alive for the first time as a puppy of this kind. The Neil Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City has released a video of a small skipper born on February 16 during the first examination on February 19. In a Facebook statement, the hospital said the skipper “survived longer than other dogs would have in her combination” in a congenital condition. According to the hospital, the young puppy was born with one head and one chest, but had two pelvic areas, two lower urinary tracts, two tails, and six legs. Puppies have “signs of spina bifida”, but their paws move “very strongly” and “just like a normal puppy.” Founded by skipper owners, GoFundMe said the “special puppies” were abandoned by their mothers and kept in baby bottles. “We continue to encourage her to empower her and she is pushing herself to do more,” her owner said on Facebook. “She is now age-appropriate and has achieved all the milestones. She is on the path to a happy and healthy life.” Credit: Neel Veterinary Hospital via Storyful

Place of origin‘Miracle’ Puppy Born With Six Legs in Oklahoma

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