Miners, energy workers vote to split from CFMMEU

The Mining and Energy Division of the Construction, Forestry and Maritime Mining Energy Union has passed a unanimous resolution to separate from the radical union because of its “macho attitude and heartbeat”.

Approximately 300 representatives of mining and energy workers from across Australia voted on Monday to support the application for withdrawal from CFMMEU.

Tony Maher, president of the union’s mining and energy sector, said the dysfunction of the union’s national leadership “prioritizes personal revenge over effective management of the union.”

“CFMMEU no longer has our place,” Maher said in a statement on Monday.

“Staying part of this merger is not in the best interests of our mining and energy members.

“This is a difficult decision, but we are well-positioned to move forward as an independent mining energy coalition.”

Maher said the application for withdrawal from CFMMEU under the Fair Labor Act would take months and would be subject to long legal proceedings.

“The structure of the merged unions once helped us, but it wasn’t so some time ago,” said a resolution at the National Convention on Monday.

“The ruthless use of raw figures for small sectors. The contempt and disregard of the views of mining and energy workers. And publicly undermine our former Secretary of State to resolve personal scores. That is simply intolerable.

“It is clear that there is no longer a place of equality and dignity in the mining and energy sectors within the merged union.

media_cameraCFMMEU’s mining and energy sector states that there is no longer a place to do it within the union. Photo David Gerati / Australian.

“Moreover, it’s very weak when you think about staying in a merger union. There’s nothing practical that a broader merger union can offer us.

“Once upon a time, we were able to provide serious political influence and the campaign capabilities used to benefit the status of all Australian workers, including mining and energy workers.

“Now there is only a macho attitude and a heartbeat. That’s a sad observation, but the merged union is never respected.

“We should follow our path. We have resources, abilities, and most importantly, the support of our members to do so.

“We have the opportunity to grow our union and solidify our reputation as an organization that always puts the interests of our members first,” the statement said.

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Place of originMiners, energy workers vote to split from CFMMEU

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