Migration boost needed to remedy major skilled labour shortfalls, report finds

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Romily Madhu, CEO of Infrastructure Australia, said more migrations would be needed to make up for the under-prediction of 105,000 infrastructure jobs.

“We emphasize rising costs and the increased risk of on-time deliveries, as we are trying to manage a new wave of investment on an unprecedented scale,” Madhu said in a report released Wednesday. That’s it. ”

“The pursuit of industry reform is no longer an option. It is imperative to realize this record wave of investment and ensure an effective and timely economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Lack of engineers, architects, scientists, etc.

A peak labor shortage is expected, including a shortage of 70,000 engineers, architects and scientists. 15,000 staff of construction and civil engineering trade. And 19,000 project management experts.

However, the workforce in Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland needs to double in size to accommodate the increased activity in this sector.

This report is the first comprehensive survey of government agencies on the skills and resources needed to deliver Australian infrastructure projects in the future.

It recommends the need for cooperation between government and industry to enhance the capacity of sectors that have been constrained by pandemic restrictions on the workforce.

The report states that Australia needs a skilled migration strategy to remain competitive in recruiting its workforce.

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“But even if migration plays an important role, access to some skills, such as civil engineers, is likely to remain inadequate,” the report warned.

“This is due to the global nature of the talent pool and the strong global demand for these skills as countries around the world are leveraging infrastructure as part of their post-COVID stimulus strategy.”

Peter Colaccino, Head of Policy and Research at Infrastructure Australia, said the peak investment in the infrastructure sector has exacerbated the lack of skills.

“It’s a serious challenge on a really huge scale,” he said in a report release.

“The challenges facing this sector today are comparable to those associated with the resource construction boom.

“This is a similar level of elevated activity, about five times the challenges we saw during our last skill shortage between 2017 and 2019.”

Earlier this week, New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott indicated his intention to raise the bar for skilled immigrants now that the state has closed its blockade and has begun the first phase of its reopening roadmap.

“We need to open our borders. Then we need to market to these foreign countries to accept these skilled migrants. If we lose this opportunity, those skilled migrants will be able to sell to other countries. Because I’m going to the country. ” He said on monday..

Place of originMigration boost needed to remedy major skilled labour shortfalls, report finds

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