Michael Vartan tells Drew Barrymore an X-rated Never Been Kissed confession

Drew Barrymore was speechless when her former Never Been Kissed co-star made a very surprising confession about the film.

Twenty-two years later, the truth will be revealed.

Drew Barrymore, the host of the talk show from the actress, held a reunion of the cast in one of her most beloved movies in the latest episode of her show, with a racy confession of one co-star confessing her words. I lost it.

Ballymore played 25-year-old journalist Josie Geller in a 1999 hit comedy 25th year kiss I sent an undercover report at a local high school. High school isn’t easy the second time, but by the end of the movie (spoilers note), she found love in the arms of a hanky young teacher, Sam (Michael Vartan).

And, as Baltan revealed in his previous co-star talk show, he didn’t have the performance he needed during the crucial kissing scene between the pairs.

“There’s a story most people don’t know about famous scenes, and I don’t know if I should …” he began, warning Ballymore that even she didn’t know what he was trying to say. Did.

“So we hug and start kissing, and you really kissed me, that is, you For real Kissed me I was at least not ready for that, and I’m a man, I was a very young man at the time, and I, uh, feeling.. “

As Baltan continued, Barrymore had no doubt what he meant exactly by “emotion.”

“Emotions … they just happened, and I soon realized I was in a very bad place because I was wearing very loose slacks, and I thought.,'” He continued.

“So what I did was, in a panic, shouted a cut, bent over and said,” Oh, I’m sorry, I stopped playing the ball. ” I was able to compose myself and fortunately the scene went on without any problems, but that’s uh … you’re a very good kisser. “

Ballymore confessed with humor, revealing that he knew that Baltan was single at the time, so he really remembered “aiming for it” with a kiss.

See the full segment below.

Early in the segment, Vartan overcame emotions when he talked about the impact the film had on his life.

“This movie is a big part of my life. Every time I stop. Always 25th year kiss.. Participation is great and this reunion is great, “he said.

at first Drew Barrymore was stunned by the adult confession of Never Been Kissed co-star

Michael Vartan tells Drew Barrymore an X-rated Never Been Kissed confession Source link Michael Vartan tells Drew Barrymore an X-rated Never Been Kissed confession

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